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External Data in User Interface


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it would be a great feature, if Ftrack would allow to display external data in the user interface. I am thinking about a similar mechanism like the "ftrack-location.request-resolve" event.

Background: Data comes from different sources and we hold specific data already in other databases. (e.g. camera data, technical shot data, set data, timecodes etc.) We'd like to present the data to the artist, but we do not want to have redundant data by uploading it to ftrack as well. Currently we holding that data in the shot's metadata attribute, but we have to synchronize that data frequently to keep consistency.

One idea is to have an special attribute which displays text/html data resolved via an event. So we could add data in the Shot's Info-Tab without uploading it also to ftrack.



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Hi Christian,

Thanks for the feedback.

To display some information from an external system in ftrack, I would recommend writing either an action or a custom widget. You can read more about actions and custom widgets in the following blog post: https://www.ftrack.com/en/2016/08/actions-custom-widgets-javascript-api-making-ftrack-better.html

Another way to display external data is with a dynamic enumerator. The dynamic enumerator custom attribute can be used to be able to select information available in external systems. Read more about dynamic enumerators in the documentation: https://help.ftrack.com/administering-ftrack/advanced/using-custom-attributes#dynamic-enumerator-attribute.


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