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Problems installing ftrack_connect

L Smallwood

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I'm trying to get a location plugin working, as described in this forum post.


The example pointed to by Mattias requires an "ftrack_connect" module to be imported, which is not found on my system (Mac OS).  I tried installing the source code from here: http://ftrack-connect.rtd.ftrack.com/en/stable/installing.html but ended up going down a rabbit hole of missing dependencies and version conflicts and so far, have not been able to install it successfully.

Is it necessary to install the source code as described on the "installing" web page or should my system be able to find the ftrack_connect module after installing ftrack connect from the integrations webpage (https://www.ftrack.com/en/portfolio/connect)?



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Hi and sorry for the confusion - I've replied here: 

In short; using Connect is not necessary for publishing to a location. If you want to use Connect's stand alone publisher UI, start integrations with the locations available,  have the path resolved in the UI, et.c. then you can use Connect for this.

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