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Assignee for a shot, not just tasks


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we are currently working on making the hierarchy more flexible and that would make what you are asking for possible.


Currently, you would have to assign all tasks to that user. You can multi select rows in the spreadsheet and assign a user to one of the selected tasks and the value will be applied to all rows. Perhaps that will help you work faster.


We will also look at making assignees visible on the shot, even if it is just a summary of its tasks for now.



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This request came up at our studio as well.  It would be nice if it was possible to select a 'user' as an assignee on an AssetBuild.  Currently it is only possible to select a 'group' as an assignee on it.  It does become a bit cumbersome to work through when the number of AssetBuilds is very large.  It would also help support the workflow where one artist is responsible for the entire AssetBuild and would avoid cluttering the artist's task list. 

It's great to know that is it something that is being worked on though! Do let us know if there is any other workaround. 


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