episode.createSequence() ?

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This is very important when considering auto Episode/Sq/Sh generation!


episode.createSequence() function doesn't exist while episode.createShot() does.

This small inconsistency is probably quickly fixed.You cant create Sequences in Episodes out of the box (with the API)

Can't do this with the reparenting workaround either

project = ftrack.getProject(projectName)

ep = project.getEpisodes()[0] # a valid episode

epId = ep.getId()

sqParent = project.createSequence(sqName)


# Error:

# Traceback (most recent call last):


# ProtocolError: <ProtocolError for creative.ftrackapp.com//client/: 500 Internal Server Error> #



Kinda stuck here...

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Thanks for the report, the createSequence method was not inherited by episodes. It is now moved and tests have been added to make sure it does not happen again.


This will be in the next minor update (most likely next week). Let me know if you need it sooner.



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