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Hi !

We are currently migrating from shotgun to ftrack, maybe we don't use it the right way so thank you if you can help us figure out!

this getParents() brings me the Project the task belong to:

 [12] => [, 'showid': '8642d8c4-a609-11e3-9f93-6805ca0c3872', 'enddate': , 'name': 'iga2014_3164', 'projectschemeid': '2de30f32-a4d3-11e3-8c4e-6805ca0c3872', 'entityType': 'show', 'isglobal': False, 'thumbid': None, 'entityId': '8642d8c4-a609-11e3-9f93-6805ca0c3872', 'root': '', 'fullname': 'IGA2014_3164', 'diskid': '2325924e-f228-11e2-91ea-f23c91dfaa16'}')>]('{'sort':>('{'sort':>('{'sort':>('{'status':>('{'sort':>('{'sort':>('{'sort':>('{'sort':>('{'sort':>('{'status':>('{'status':>('{'status':>('{'status':>


what i'm looking for is the 'folder hierarchy', or asset the task belongs to. for instance this task, 'Modeling', is in the project 'IGA2014_3164' but i need to know it's the modeling for the character 'Audrey', in the Asset Builds category. If you can, have a look at the screenshot of our ftrack project and you'll see what i'm talking about:



EDIT: i need to say that getAssets() returns an empty list

Thanks !

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