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  Is there a way I could export the links for a shot or for an asset?


If I have a shot that uses assets x, y and z I would like to be able to export that full list for that shot.  And the same for a specific asset and be able to export all shots that one asset is in.


Thank you

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Hi Ozen, hope you are well!

It is possible to using a advanced query filter to filter on linked entities, below are a few examples, it is however a bit fiddly to update these query filters if you wish to iterate over a few different shots / asset builds, so it might be worth writing a tool using the api to export the information in bulk

Using a Shot Query filter, show only shots that have a incoming link to a asset builds named "Monkey"

incoming_links.from.name = 'Monkey'

Using a Asset Build Query filter, display all asset builds used for a specific shot

outgoing_links.to.name = 'SHOT_NAME'





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