How to Display HTML Link in Custom Attributes
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I would like to create a 'Custom Attribute' which displays as an HTML link  similar to the already existing 'Version Link' which you guys provide by default.

I tried the html markdown syntax but it is not working out for me and ftrack is only displaying formatted string as a 'text only' :(

I did a quick mockup screenshot of what I am trying to achieve ...





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11 hours ago, Mattias Lagergren said:

I'm afraid that it is not possible to display a link in that place as only the sidebar will display the markdown as html. I will raise this as a feature request with the team.

Thank you Mattias raising it with your team. 

FYI. The link would open a marmoset html website where u could tumble and inspect the model straight from the ftrack website.  😁 

Let's hope that your team makes the html link markdown syntax happen soon. It looks like custom attributes already support markdown. It just doesn't display <a href http:.... Tags as links.  That's all.


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