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mobile version need work

Ahmed Ammash

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hello ftrack team ,

ftrack go and mobile version of ftrack preview is so poor 

app is need to be more modern to be useful and no notifications comes from app why?

and ftrack preview really need to be useful in mobile version its like desktop version and all clients open links this times on mobile 

so please ftrack team work hard and fast to make this app and mobile version more better soon


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Hi there,

Is there anything on the roadmap regarding the mobile apps?

If you are using a tablet, you'd better use the website, but if you like to get a quick overview (especially the dashboards) on a mobile phone, there is no real solution.

Also, the taskboard is very clumsy (if you have like 30 tasks, they are displayed just too large to have a real overview).


So before starting to write a custom/internal app, I'd be interested into what's you plan here - if any?



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Hi Chris,

Thanks for your feedback on the mobile app.

In the latest versions of ftrack, the review part has been enhanced, also in concern to mobile devices.

We do have plans for updates on the app as well, 

but no timeframe for that right now.


Will update here, when we have more information.




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I spoke to an ftrack rep at Adobe MAX this year who pretty much confirmed for me that this Mobile app is not a focus for the team, and in fact there's a high possibility that it won't be supported at some point in the future. This was very helpful to know, and for right now we've just decided to focus our workflow training around using the web tools directly, and integrating with the API.

We haven't implemented time tracking into our overall workflow yet but it seems like it'd still be good for that! :)

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