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Project Creation Dialog

Tim Edelmann

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Hi everyone, 


on our path to integrate ftrack in our pipeline, we would like to alter the "Create Project" dialog, that pops up, when one clicks on the corresponding button in the web-interface. We already found out, that its possible to set an override, which lets us setup a custom solution from scratch. 

But since we want to achieve the same look and feel of the original dialog, we thought about using its code, but weren't able to find it. Is there a python script somewhere, which creates this dialog? If yes, where is it?


Thanks in advance. 


The only alternative would be to re-create the whole dialog on our own and then add, what we need..

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Hi Julian,

It is currently not possible to customize the create project dialog using configuration.
You can however replace the create project dialog using a custom action:
It is technically possible to build a custom create project dialog using the default as a base, as that is open source.


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