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No offline ftrack documentation in new release


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Hi @Mattias Lagergren

the offline documentation was awesome for the production and artists as they could find it easily.

Unfortunately, our users don't have direct internet connection and they can not easily access it.

Another think is that we are not migrating to the latest version all the time. Especially when we are close to a show deadline. In this way, if there are new features which production is interested in, but they are not in the Ftrack version used in production, then it could create confusion.

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We are also surprised at the change to the documentation, especially as it also removes the versioned docs. 

Versioned docs are important to us as we may run several releases behind latest for stability and we can't have users constantly confused by references to features they don't have access to.

Similarly, offline docs is nice to have.

Finally, there seem to be no release notes in the new docs!

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On 14/02/2018 at 10:21 AM, Remus Avram said:

It still missing in version 3.5.20. Any plans to add it back?

There are currently no plans to add it back. We've switched technology to make it easier for our non-technical staff to update and improve the documentation. We hope that this will accelerate our efforts to provide better documentation, tutorial and guides - as well as reduce the scattering of the documentation.

I will send you a message with a wget command that can be used to download the documentation from our website.

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