Planning Board integrated with Project Spreadsheet
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HI Guys,


I was wondering if there's any plan to integrate the project spreadsheet with the planning board? It would be something that makes sense to me.


The way I see it operating is almost hierarchal. Planning board is used to overview all the projects running in the studio, resources that are booked on particular projects / tasks etc. While the project spreadsheet gets into the details of the specific project. Both sections are integrated so any tasks added in the project view show up on the planning view and vice versa. This seems like a logical step forward.


I find that we avoid using the planning board all together but it has an advantage over the project view in that it can show you all projects running in a studio and the resources assigned to them.





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Hi Rob,


sorry for not getting back to you sooner on this and thank you for the feedback.


We have plans to integrate the two, but it is still in an early phase so any feedback is most welcome. The hardest part is keeping things simple, which is the strength of the Planning section. But we agree there should be more connections between them.



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