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Query list of Priorities


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When creating sequences/shots/... through the api the default priority is 'Urgent'.

This is rather annoying. It would be nice if priority is set to 'None' by default.


Trying to work around this I had problems querying the List of Priorities.

Is there something similar like getShotStatuses, getTaskStatuses for Priorities?

       project = ftrack.getProject(projectName)
       sq = project.createSequence(Sq' + "%03d" % 20)  #Sq020
       sh.setPriority( ??? )
       sh = sq.createShot('Sh' + "%03d" % 10)          #Sh010
       sh.setPriority( ??? )

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several things here.


The wrong priority is picked as default on everything except tasks. Fixed and will be in next minor.

Being able to query all priorities from api. Added to next minor release 2.0v2


You can update priority like this in the current version:


shot.setPriority(ftrack.Priority('None')) if there is one called None.


Thanks for letting us know. This should behave better in next version.



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