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Hi ftrack team and members from this community.

I'm playing with ftrack in Hiero and found the ftrack Action panel very useful. So I decided to tweak it a bit.

With what I did I can change trackItems version in a specific track using the ftrack Action panel (a bit like Hiero's version Up/Down).

The content of the ftrack Action panel seems to be coded with html/javascript and I would like to modify the behaviour of elements in the "Versions" tab (for example double click on an item to change the version, rather than having to use the "Load" button). Finaly I would like to delete all buttons (Wipe, Tile, Load, Cancel) and just be able to change versions of my items by double clicking on it.

Is it possible to access the html/javascript code to modify the display/behaviour of elements showed in red in my screenshot ?

Thanks in advance for your answer !




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Hi and welcome to the forums.

I'm afraid that the widget you refer is not possible to access or modify. New html/javascript widgets that we develop are opened sourced and available as git repositories, but the one you refer to is closed source. 

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