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To Do List in separate Tab and multiple marking function


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At the moment the new "To Do" list in the notes has just one button to mark if completed.

We would like to have the possibility to mark every single point (see example). Is this possible?

Since this feature is set in the notes, it can get lost in the shuffle of comments. Would it be possible to add the To Do list on a separate tab?




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Out studio does not experience troubles with todo notes. We add a note with a list of todos or split into several notes (critical or for future), as an artist do publish a version he see all incomplete todos and mark completed. But maybe i do not realize your workflow.

It is only not convenient that `frame` bagge is added only for whole note, but Animation may contain todos on several frames. If notes could have "Compact" view to look like that todo list it would be nice. 

Filtration to Incomplete Notes is better than pinned messages in my opinion. We don't want to see completed todos anymore.

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