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View 'user name' instead of 'full name' in drop downs and projects...

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There doesn't seem to be a setting for this today? I'd rather see 'user name' in drop downs and GUI instead of full name. 


Now a droop down for assignee can be cut and hard to read but the user name/nick name might be short and better. For example if someone is named "Vefeximus Popadopadupidulidusmaximus" it's somewhat messy to have that in a drop down. The 'user name' "vmax" would sit nicer in a dropdown... =) 

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We're in the process of integrating FTrack into our pipeline and ran into the exact same issue. It is especially noticeable in regard to the launcher when an artist gets a bunch of assets. As it is now they can't see the what the task is until they open it in Maya - which defeats the purpose of the launcher.


If we could expand the size of the launcher or get see the whole name of the task by holding the mouse over the task that would help as well.

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