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Import Error: No module named collect_playblast_camera error


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I've successfully migrated to 2018 on my local working pipeline. I send my tool to the remote repo, then clone that onto a server location. I do all the setup to get the venv working then run ftrack. Everything is fine at this point. When I run Maya everything works as expected until I get this error:

// Error: No module named collect_playblast_camera
# Traceback (most recent call last):
#   File "<maya console>", line 1, in <module>
#   File "path\to\dependencies\ftrack_connect\resource\connect-standard-plugins\ftrack-connect-maya-publish-0.5.1\resource\maya_plugin\userSetup.py", line 18, in create_publish_menu
#     context_id=os.environ['FTRACK_CONTEXT_ID']
#   File "path\to\dependencies\ftrack_connect\resource\connect-standard-plugins\ftrack-connect-maya-publish-0.5.1\dependencies\ftrack_connect_pipeline\application_plugin.py", line 28, in __init__
#     self.register_assets()
#   File "path\to\dependencies\ftrack_connect\resource\connect-standard-plugins\ftrack-connect-maya-publish-0.5.1\dependencies\ftrack_connect_maya_publish\plugin.py", line 31, in register_assets
#     ftrack_connect_maya_publish.shared_pyblish_plugins.register()
#   File "path\to\dependencies\ftrack_connect\resource\connect-standard-plugins\ftrack-connect-maya-publish-0.5.1\dependencies\ftrack_connect_maya_publish\shared_pyblish_plugins\__init__.py", line 9, in register
#     import ftrack_connect_maya_publish.shared_pyblish_plugins.collect_playblast_camera
# ImportError: No module named collect_playblast_camera //

It's strange because there is a module named collect_playblast_camera in that location. Also, .pyc files are generated for the __init__.py and collect.py files, so it's compiling in that directory until the error.  I've tried a bunch of stuff including straight up copying and pasting my working ftrack connect directory into the cloned one.  I get the same error no matter what.  Any thoughts? Thanks!

EDIT: I think it might have to do with the file path being too long (I'm using windows). The pipeline works fine on my home computer.

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On 10/3/2017 at 3:42 AM, Mattias Lagergren said:

Are you launching Maya from a downloaded Connect or have you a custom setup?

I download connect onto a server location then use a batch file to launch and set env variables. Does this count as a custom setup?

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Yes it does. Is connect intended to only work as a local installation?  Are there new environment variables that I'm not setting? With the current setup that used to work, I was able to have everyone launch from connect location on a server. That way I was only managing one installation, instead of several.

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I cannot see why this would not work for you.  It will run a number of imports and for some reason the second one fails:

    import ftrack_connect_maya_publish.shared_pyblish_plugins.collect
    import ftrack_connect_maya_publish.shared_pyblish_plugins.collect_playblast_camera

If you try to run the "import ftrack_connect_maya_publish.shared_pyblish_plugins.collect_playblast_camera" from the maya script editor I guess it fails too? All the imports can be found here:


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I think I discovered the problem. When I updated my  master version of ftrack connect it looks like some of the modules were gitignored (it's a pesky problem).  So they weren't available on my release directory, but I had them in my dev directory.  I'll verify this tomorrow.

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