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Some ponderings about Import CSV

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Every single time I'm about to import a CSV (...yes I still don't use the Hiero integration) I forget what I need to bring in regarding tasks and task assignee etc etc. Would it be possible to have an extra tab in the import CSV window where you see a preview of what fields you actually have in your project. Then you could easily tab over to it and see what you should bring in and even how to name it properly.


Also, isn't it possible to import several task types and their status at once? Should really be. 


Would also be sweet if you could preview it with your shot legacy template directly in the import. 



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Hi Henrik,


we are currently working on improving the hiero integration, hopefully it will suit you better in the future.


Could you give an example of the information you would like to have available during import? Would it be close to what one of your saved views looks like in a spreadsheet?


If you are using the column based import today to problem with importing 2 tasks of the same type is if you have more than one field that it might be hard to know what field belongs to what task. But I'm sure we could figure out a solution for this.


Thanks for the feedback and have a nice weekend!

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