Migration error: No Qt binding were found
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Hello, I've updated the ftrack python api (1.3.1) and installed the latest ftrack connect (0.6.2). I can launch an app like Maya from the browser, but my custom plugins within the app aren't finding the Qt.py binding. I have Qt.py in my own virtual env, but it seems to be looking for Qt.py bindings from within the ftrack connect files:

File "path\ftrack_connect\common.zip\Qt.py", line 251, in <module>
File "path\ftrack_connect\common.zip\Qt.py", line 248, in _init
ImportError: No Qt binding were found. # 

Any ideas how to solve this?


EDIT: Also, when I try to do something like:

from Qt import QtWidgets

I get the same error. So it looks like the Qt.py path isn't on the python path, but it's there when i check using os.getenv in maya


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