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Found 5 results

  1. Probably a big ask from a technical perspective but an incredibly useful feature in Review would be to wipe between two loaded versions in Ftrack Web Player. If wiping isn't possible, even a key press to quickly switch from version A to version B during playback would be helpful.
  2. When playing back video clips in the ftrack web player, the audio level is clearly lower than when playing back the original files. Can this be changed in specific settings (ftrack settings, browser settings, ...)?
  3. Hi, if I'm not mistaken (I have made several tests) when playing a version (either by playing it directly on Ftrack on in a session review), the file played in the web player is not the original deposited file but the mp4 preview version encoded by ftrack. I suppose that the aim is to save bandwidth, but this can be inconvenient as a client will not see the original file but a lower quality one. Would this be possible to chose which version is played, both directly in Ftrack and in a client review?
  4. HI guys, I've just run into a problem with ftrack revew in that when you draw on a frame and add your comment there's no way to know what frame it was taken from. This is really annoying, especially when you have animation that repeats itself and you don't know what frame the comment came from. I guess there's a few ways to implement this but it's something that has caused confusion with working on a task. Any advice?
  5. Hi guys, I've noticed that when you preview a video in ftrack the player controls sit over the video footage, and not below. Can this be fixed? I cannot preview the full frame as part of it is cut off at the bottom. See attached image: