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Found 13 results

  1. Hello folks, I'm trying to write a snippet to publish a file and link it to specific task and can't get it to work - is the TypedContextLink right way to do it? I've been doing quite some trial and error and getting error messages I don't quite understand ... could you point me in the right direction, please? Cheers!! import os import ftrack_api import ftrack_api.symbol #INIT SESSION session = ftrack_api.Session( server_url=server_url, api_key=api_key, api_user=api_user ) file_path = 'C:/Users/vit.sedlacek/test.mov'
  2. Filters available in version view allow custom attributes on the version and on the Asset Parent, but not on the task from which the version was published. It would be great if custom attributes on tasks were an option in Filters on Version View.
  3. Hi everyone! Is it possible to prevent ftrack from automatic versioning? And force it to use filenames instead? (for example CLP-0300_v01.mov instead of Cleanup v1) We have a version system inside the studio, and it's confuses us a little bit then Ftrack makes it owns versions. Like "Edit v1" ? Or I miss something? Please advise. Regards, Denis.
  4. Hi, You implemented in the version filter in the version view a "latest Version" checker box field, to be able to see just the latest versions. I'm missing this feature in the Widget settings of the Latest Version. Is there a way to query the latest version through the query field? Thanks. Best, Luigi
  5. Hello Ftrack Community, - Let's say I have an Asset Build Folder for Character 1. - Inside it I have a task Modeling. - When I upload a new version of the task Modeling, I would like that the version's thumbnail replace the thumbnail of the task (Modeling) and the root folder (Character 1). Is there a way to allow Ftrack to do this automaticaly?
  6. Hi all, I know that there is a limitation in changing the type of a published version, but is there any plan to allow this in the future? Is there a reason for this limitation? Cheers!
  7. Hi, if I'm not mistaken (I have made several tests) when playing a version (either by playing it directly on Ftrack on in a session review), the file played in the web player is not the original deposited file but the mp4 preview version encoded by ftrack. I suppose that the aim is to save bandwidth, but this can be inconvenient as a client will not see the original file but a lower quality one. Would this be possible to chose which version is played, both directly in Ftrack and in a client review?
  8. Hi, we have been thinking to two ways that might improve the way versions works. First, we would like to be able to choose where version can be deposited on a project's hierarchy. The idea behind this is to ensure that, for example, version are deposited on the corresponding task itself, and not on one of its parents (such as its parent shoot or sequence), in order to maintain the project as clean as possible. I know that users should be careful enough not to mess things up, but I have already encountered such cases where versions were deposited on wrong places, despite my explanatio
  9. It would be easier to select the versions you want and switch to review in web or RV player thought a simple Alt-1 or Alt-2 instead of the current 3 step Right Click, review, Play. I'm also missing a way to update the Version Status in Thumb Layout and not only in Spreadsheet Layout Thnks
  10. Hi I am struggling to work out how to create a new AssetVersion in the new API. I think I have to do the following: Create an Asset -- parented to the shot Create an AssetVersion -- linking to the task and asset Create the Component. Unfortunately I'm getting an error, it seems to want a context_id on the Asset, but I don't know what to give it? I have the following code: location = session.query('Location where name is "ftrack.unmanaged"').first() task = session.query('Task where id is "d4564359-2944-49d4-93fa-b11909f19ff5"').first() shot = session.query
  11. It would be really useful if status overrides could be assigned to Versions based on their Asset Parent For example: CG workflow is very different than Comp workflow, and the former feeds into the latter; so we use different statuses on versions from each. ex. Modeling Task Version (On an asset) : Ready For Review -> Noted -> Lead Artist Check -> Ready For Comp -> Approved: For Final Final Comp Task Version (On a Shot) : Ready for Review -> Noted -> Lead Artist Check -> Approved: For Temp -> Approved: For Final -> Uploaded: Temp -> Uploaded: For Final -&
  12. Hi all, quick question: Is there a method through the API to get some version info about the current running ftrack API package? I tried looking through but didn't find anything. Thanks!
  13. It would be great if we could customise types of upload in the launcher uploader. Currently there are only 4 options (img sequence, geometry, maya scene and nuke script), however if we could extend this to custom values, it would make it straight away possible to use ftrack with much wider range of workflows and software even before they are properly integrated. Example1: In current production we are using CelAction, which doesn't even have python, but giving artists option to publish manually through launcher by choosing CelAction scene and let's say quicktime movie, would make it possible
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