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Found 3 results

  1. Over the past couple of weeks I've been trying to learn how to dev for ftrack. I'm making progress, but the process has been very painful. I have the basics working- connect is running and I'm able to publish using the Maya plugin, but I'd really like to customize the experience more. Here are some areas that have been a struggle for me: - The usage examples/tutorials in the docs are missing a lot of context for a beginner like myself. I have a hard time wrapping my head around a lot of the concepts because the examples either stop short or under-explain key concepts. - I'm uncertain what order I need to do things. Do I follow the API tutorials first and set up locations, get components working, and publishing through that system? Or do I set up connect and get custom hooks/actions working? Without a step by step tutorial to lay out the basic process, I find myself skipping all over the place and trying to do everything all at once which is a bit overwhelming. - An example of this jumping around: As I mentioned before I have ftrack connect working, but I think my files are only being published to the cloud (I'm not sure where the default project dir would be). So I jumped back to the API tutorials to see what they said about creating local files. Now I'm jumping back to the connect docs to see what they say about location integration. I feel like the whole dev process could be outlined and condensed into an hour-long video tutorial (2-3 mins for each step). Also, some visuals describing the dev process (like a road map), a quick video series outlining the basic process and performing common tasks, and a few more in-depth examples (maybe a downloadable example of a modified ftrack package) would help a lot of future devs. Everything else about ftrack is great and I'm excited about all the potential it has, I just wish it was a bit more accessible. -Mike
  2. Mike

    Dropbox Tutorial Help

    I'm trying to do the Dropbox Tutorial, but I keep getting this error: I'm not too sure what an abstract class is in this case. Here is my current code, its pretty much copy and pasted from the tutorial. Any ideas? Thanks!:
  3. Mike

    API Tutorial Errors

    A few errors/typos I've found while doing the tutorial and the fixes I made to get it working. I list the section, then the error, then the fix 1. Creating>Tasks Error: Change to: project.createTask('a task', taskType, taskStatus) shot.createTask('a shot task', taskType, taskStatus) 2. Using Lists Error: Change to: dailies.append(version)