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Found 7 results

  1. Hey folks, since yesterday I get the following error when trying to connect to the ftrack_api. // ftrack_api.session.Session : Calling server https://[OUR_FTRACK_SITE]/api with '[{"action": "query_server_information"}]' // // ftrack_api.session.Session : Call took: 0.113607 // // ftrack_api.session.Session : Response: u'[{"storage_scenario": {"data": {}, "scenario": "ftrack.automatic"}, "schema_hash": "450f452f8addcd23370a8a90f8156c4a", "version": "", "is_timezone_support_enabled": false}]' // // Error: ftrack_api.session.Session : Server reported error in unexpected form
  2. Hi, Im kinda new to this so please bear with my newbie questions... Apparently it's good practice to close a session after you're done, but session.close() throws an error that the function doesn't exist and session.closed returns undefined.
  3. Hello everybody! This action populates some custom attributes within a Task that is nested under selected item. These attributes are paths to working directories and render outputs.. I have other actions that rely on these custom paths to do other things such as opening a shot with quicktime / launching the shot folder in explorer /etc.. Everything works as it should.... but I am concerned about the efficiency and speed of my code as populating each task takes about a second... and of course, the more tasks nested under my selection, the longer this process takes.
  4. Hey everyone, as part of our integration process we would like to be able to make api calls "from outside". Since we need to create a session for this, we noticed a difference between python and javascript api. On python side it is possible to create a session object without giving any parameters, if the corresponding environment-variables are set correctly. In javascript this seems to be not allowed! export class Session { /** * Construct Session instance with API credentials. * * @param {string} serverUrl - ftrack server URL * @pa
  5. pawel


    hi, How is the session meant to be used? Should we start a session and re-use it between various calls (aka global singleton)? Or should we start a new session for each api interaction? #1 in case of the option one how is the cache invalidated? Do we need to invalidate it ourselves in some event listener? From our initial tests it doesn't seem to be automatically updated/invalidated. #2 in case of the option two do we need to close the session after each interaction or will it be closed once the variable is cleaned by garbage collection? a side question: how do we stop
  6. Hi all, we need to add and get a component for a AssetVersion in the same session. Ex: unmanaged_location = session.query('Location where name is "ftrack.unmanaged"').one() version = session.query("AssetVersion where id is 87912656-5d89-11e6-a165-005056a76761").first() path = '/path/to/a/file' new_com_name = 'test_component' print len(version['components']) version.create_component( path, data={'name': new_com_name}, location=unmanaged_
  7. Hello everybody, fellow ftrackers. I am having trouble doing the simplest thing on my ftrack server: accessing the session through ftrack_api. session = ftrack_api.Session( server_url='ftrack_server', api_key='1337-key', api_user='ftrack_username' ) All my keyword arguments are correct, however, I keep getting the same bullshit: No handlers could be found for logger "ftrack_api.session.Session" Traceback (most recent call last): File "D:/Work/Python/ftrack.py", line 11, in <module> api_user='ftrack_username' File "C:\Python27\lib\si
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