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Found 4 results

  1. Hello. When you select a shot or a task, there are six main tabs: Notes, Tasks, Versions, Links, Activities and Info. Even creating a highly restrictive user role, when you make a project visible, they have access to all the data. Is it possible to specify, via python, that only some of the tabs are visible to those users? Or hide the content of the other tabs? Thank you very much.
  2. Remus Avram

    Manage Roles

    Hi all, how can I get the 'Roles' from Ftrack using the new API? Is it possible to add a new 'Role' to a user via the API? Cheers!
  3. If you have checked out "Read bid" option in the roles the bid values are not visible anymore If you check the "Read bid" option in the roles the bid values are visible AND editable Is there a way to have the bid values visible but not editable?
  4. I see the documentation for how to manage permissions for each role, but I wasn't able to find a more detailed explanation of what the individual checkboxes do. Does documentation exist somewhere for that? Thanks.