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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I've recently start using the scope feature (global filter) for filtering the work by department. It work well for assets, tasks and projects list but it does absolutely nothing in the planning page... It would be a great feature for manager on specific department, like filtering the production tasks and peoples that work in production or filtering the finishing department tasks and peoples in the finishing department. Is there a way to make it work or should I make a request to make it work in the planning section of Ftrack. Tks.
  2. Hi, Is there a way to export an excel sheet from Ftrack that only contains a list of shots with their start and end dates? I can export an excel document with start and end dates per task, but when I do an export with the 'shots' view in the Ftrack spreadsheet, the start and end date columns are blank. Thanks, Natasha
  3. Is there a way to see all of my tasks across multiple projects in a calendar view? I know there is a team calendar and a "My tasks" but is there any way to see the My Tasks page in a spreadsheet view so I can visualize my priorities? There is a Task Board, a Task List, but there should be a Task View to show them on a spreadsheet.
  4. Hi, When in "planning" i setup a vacation for a team member I expect some kind of error when I'm trying to assign a task for him during his vacation. It's not happening right now. Best Kamil
  5. Hello, we really like the planning overview in ftrack, but it
  6. There are a couple of instances where it would be very useful to assign groups: 1. On the Planning Page, when creating Phases, assigning groups from the drop down. This would be a very useful way to streamline phase creation if a known group could be added I.E. "3D Team" 2. On the Team Calendar View when adding resources to view artist workload and assign tasks Currently each artist must be added individually to see availability and start assigning them tasks.
  7. HI Guys, I was wondering if there's any plan to integrate the project spreadsheet with the planning board? It would be something that makes sense to me. The way I see it operating is almost hierarchal. Planning board is used to overview all the projects running in the studio, resources that are booked on particular projects / tasks etc. While the project spreadsheet gets into the details of the specific project. Both sections are integrated so any tasks added in the project view show up on the planning view and vice versa. This seems like a logical step forward. I find that we avoid using the planning board all together but it has an advantage over the project view in that it can show you all projects running in a studio and the resources assigned to them. Cheers, Rob
  8. Hello, just another noob question: Is it possible to "link" the colors in "planning"-view, that in the "people"-view the colors are the same as in the "project"-view? If this is not possible, is it possible to set colors in the "people"-view manually, as possible in the "project"-view? is this question understandable? many thanks in advance, daniel