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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All, I'm new to the forum and relatively new to ftrack, so please bear with me in case I'm missing the obvious here. We are looking to complete a couple of simple tasks. A] To move the ftrack file storage (assets, compressed video, reference assets) to a local file server / network drive. B] Store our master assets locally and link these to tasks / shots / asset builds in ftrack. I have ftrack connect installed so I can add a storage scenario - but this doesn't seem to do anything! I also noticed that in the ftrack settings 'Connect Location' shows as legacy. Does this mean it is going to be phased out? Or its it going to be replaced by something else? I'm a little confused with how to actually start saving files across different locations, and a lot of the documentation seems to contradict itself. Any help would be appreciated, I'm probably missing something really simple here! Best. M
  2. Whenever I set a new location for the FTRACK_EVENT_PLUGIN_PATH I lose all actions within connect. I can't figure out how to append to the default location on Windows and I can't remember where I found an earlier example, but that example didn't work for me. The example in the docs used 'export' as to append a custom plugin location. -Mike
  3. Hello, i have issue with publishing from photoshop. Ftrack publish will complete everything and send data to ftrack, but the path to the version file is wrong. The path always leads to temporary folder under the c:/Users/username/AppData/Temp/.. . Temporary appData folder also containts photoshop files, i guess photoshop is generating them, but the actual work files are stored elsewhere on server. What can i do, to convince ftrack to store user-related path, instead of photoshop-generated temporary files? Thank you, Stepan
  4. eight

    Location Path is Red

    Hi, I'm trying to create a custom location which uses a disk path that doesn't change. I've created a script that's supposed to publish an image sequence. It runs without errors, and I can see it in ftrack (browser), but when I look at the published version path, it's red, as if there's an error. Also, if I try to import it in Nuke, it won't show up. Here's the relevant code for that: locations.pydef getLosAngeles(): locationName = "test.losangeles" accessor = ftrack.DiskAccessor(prefix=r"V:") structure = ftrack.OriginStructure(prefix=r"V:") location = ftrack.ensureLocation(locationName) location = ftrack.Location(locationName, accessor=accessor, structure=structure) return location------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------publish.pytry: asset = shot.getAsset(name=assetName, assetType='comp')except: asset = shot.createAsset(name=assetName, assetType='comp', task=task)version = asset.createVersion(taskid=task.getId())componentPath = path_extra.toNukePadding(inFile)componentPath = "{0} [{1}]".format(componentPath, frameList)location = locations.getLosAngeles()component = version.createComponent(path=componentPath, location=location)asset.publish()And the path I'm trying to publish is: V:\PROJECTS\Eric_Tests\_WORK\BL_010\2D\comps\renders\ftrack\ftrack.%07d.exr. I'm not clear on what the right way to do this is.
  5. Hi, I miss a additional path option for the Disks settings to differentiate OSX, Linux and Windows paths. Currently all of our Linux boxes use "/mnt/" as a mount point, and even though we could change some of our OSX boxes to match this, not having the option to specify OSX specific paths means that some personal computers (of directors. producers, etc) would require some IT love before being able to make some use of certain features from Ftrack. Something that isn't always feasible. So ideally we would leave OSX with it's standard mount point "/Volumes/" and Ftrack would be able to translate those between Linux "/mnt/" and WIndows "X:/". Changing the Linux boxes to match the "/Volumes/" isn't much of an option for us because they usually run Flame/Smoke and things would probably get messy. Thanks a lot and keep up the incredible work you guys have been doing with Ftrack. Cheers, Diogo