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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone, We have an issue trying to publish assets with maya2017 batch using ftrack-connect-0.7.6 & custom location (it worked with ftrack-connect-0.7.5). We started to dig and we noticed that the plugin is not selecting the custom location for publishing, even if it has the highest priority. Also, it's very strange that it works in maya for the same location. We printed out some information when location is selected by publisher (ftrack_connect/connector/ - pickLocation() method): We noticed that candidateLocation.accessor is not symbol.NOT_SET is different for the same location in maya and mayabatch: False in mayabatch and True in maya. Is there anything we need to set up for our custom location ? Also the list of locations is different in maya compared with what we get in mayabatch: Any suggestions for debugging/fixing the issue are welcome! Thank you! Best, Laura
  2. Hey there again, its been a while since my last post.. We currently exploring, whats the best way to tell a project, thats all its files, components, asset versions are now stored somewhere else. The background for this is, that we want to be able to move a project after its creation. For this we could listen to "ftrack.api.session.configure-location" and configure a custom location. But how can access the storage scenario to setup new mount-points? Is it even possible to set the storage scenario via ftrack_api? thanks in advance Tim
  3. Hello, are there any resources/tutorials for new api location, structure, and resolver migration? I've been waiting for the new API roll out to finally tackle these, but I'm not finding enough resources on the dev portal to successfully migrate. I'm currently getting this error when my location tries to register: 2017-10-23 15:02:36,408 - ftrack_connect.ui.application.Application - ERROR - Error during login. ....... ...... ..... File "path\to\mb_plugins\hook\location\", line 65, in register session.event_hub.subscribe( AttributeError: 'Registry' object has no attribute 'event_hub' My new location plugin is below. I'd also like to update my structure and resolver plugins (if that's possible yet). import os import sys import platform import ftrack_api import ftrack_api.entity.location import ftrack_api.accessor.disk def configure_locations(event): '''Configure locations for session.''' session = event['data']['session'] # Import custom structure plugin. RESOURCE_DIRECTORY = os.path.abspath( os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), '..', '..', 'resource') ) if RESOURCE_DIRECTORY not in sys.path: sys.path.append(RESOURCE_DIRECTORY) from pipeline_structures import structure_plugin # Location and prefix variables. studio = os.getenv('STUDIO').lower() site = os.getenv('SITE').lower() LOCATION = '{0}.{1}'.format(studio, site) # Get mount point. disk_name = session.query('Disk where name is "{0}"'.format(LOCATION)).one() platform_name = 'windows' if not platform.system().lower() == 'windows': platform_name = 'unix' disk_path = disk_name[platform_name] PREFIX = os.path.expandvars(disk_path) # Find location(s) and customise instances. #ftrack.ensureLocation(LOCATION) # I need an updated way to do this. I've noticed the session.ensure() method, is that it? location = session.query('Location where name is ""').one() #ftrack_api.mixin(location, ftrack_api.entity.location.UnmanagedLocationMixin) # Not sure what this does, do I need it? location.accessor = ftrack_api.accessor.disk.DiskAccessor(prefix=PREFIX) location.structure = structure_plugin.mbStructure() location.priority = 50 def register(session): '''Register plugin with *session*.''' session.event_hub.subscribe( 'topic=ftrack.api.session.configure-location', configure_locations )
  4. Hi all, I'd like to create a custom location structure, and am having a little trouble finding information on how to go about it. Essentially, I'm creating a list of assets within a project, and I'd like to flip the directory structure around so that the project directory is inside the asset directory on the filesystem. Ftrack stores the files like this by default: MyProject1/ MyAssetBuild1/ MyAssetBuild2/ MyAssetBuild3/ MyProject2/ MyAssetBuild1/ MyAssetBuild2/ MyAssetBuild3/ I want to do this: MyAssetBuild1/ MyProject1/ MyProject2/ MyAssetBuild2/ MyProject1/ MyProject2 MyAssetBuild3/ MyProject1/ MyProject2/ From this post it seems I can inherit from ftrack_api.structure.base.Structure, but I can't sort out from that post how to assemble my own directory structure. This post also seems to indicate that it's possible, but the location docs it points to doesn't describe exactly how to do it. Is what I'm asking for possible with the current API? If so, is there a doc or forum post that describes what to override in ftrack_api.structure.base.Structure? If I need to crack open the code and sort it out myself, I'm happy to, but I thought there might be some docs somewhere that I've overlooked. Thanks for any help! -- Lori
  5. eight

    Location Setup

    Hi, I've read the locations tutorial for the new API, but I still find it hard to understand. My goal was to simply show the correct path for a component in the web interface based on the platform the user is on. So the component is published with a relative path and based on whether the user is looking at the ftrack web interface from Windows, Mac, or Linux, the prefix would change to use the correct mount point for them. So something like: if platform == 'Windows': prefix = r'\\SHARED\jobs' elif platform == 'Mac': prefix = '/Volumes/jobs' elif platform == 'Linux': prefix = '/mnt/jobs' I can't figure out how to do this.
  6. Is it possible to choose the root directory on a per project basis? We have a studio with multiple file storages paths, and we want some projects to go on one file storage and other projects to go on a different file storage. For example: City1 - Storage1 - Storage2 City2 -Storage1 -Storage2 If I want to work on Project1 in City1, Storage1 and City2, Storage1, but I want to work on Project2 in City1, Storage2 and City2, Storage2. What's the best way to do this?
  7. I want to download or copy files from the ftrack location , inside this there are several components which id like to copy them to my local drive .i have seen only in the documentation samples for dropbox and how to wrap my component to a file using dropbox accessor .could this be done but on the local drive? as the task is to synchronise files between my local drive and ftrack server account components and i could only find diskaccessor and dropbox accessor ..
  8. eight

    Location Path is Red

    Hi, I'm trying to create a custom location which uses a disk path that doesn't change. I've created a script that's supposed to publish an image sequence. It runs without errors, and I can see it in ftrack (browser), but when I look at the published version path, it's red, as if there's an error. Also, if I try to import it in Nuke, it won't show up. Here's the relevant code for that: locations.pydef getLosAngeles(): locationName = "test.losangeles" accessor = ftrack.DiskAccessor(prefix=r"V:") structure = ftrack.OriginStructure(prefix=r"V:") location = ftrack.ensureLocation(locationName) location = ftrack.Location(locationName, accessor=accessor, structure=structure) return location------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------publish.pytry: asset = shot.getAsset(name=assetName, assetType='comp')except: asset = shot.createAsset(name=assetName, assetType='comp', task=task)version = asset.createVersion(taskid=task.getId())componentPath = path_extra.toNukePadding(inFile)componentPath = "{0} [{1}]".format(componentPath, frameList)location = locations.getLosAngeles()component = version.createComponent(path=componentPath, location=location)asset.publish()And the path I'm trying to publish is: V:\PROJECTS\Eric_Tests\_WORK\BL_010\2D\comps\renders\ftrack\ftrack.%07d.exr. I'm not clear on what the right way to do this is.