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Found 4 results

  1. Hey there, as part of our integrations, we want to be able to setup entries in the 'overview calendar' for 'projects and users'. for example 'Add Leave' should be available. Ideally this should be done via external api-calls in javascript. by executing this:; for (schema in session.schemas) {[schema]); } We found out, that there is something called: 'CalendarEvent'. Are we on the right track, playing with this? Since we don't know, how to deal with this, we shoot in every direction.. Is it possible to 'Add Leave' for a user via the javascript api? If yes, how is it done? We tried this: var query = 'select id from CalendarEvent'; But the result is: '(node:7332) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Unhandled promise rejection (rejection id: 1): ReferenceError: request is not defined' Any help/assistance/ideas are greatly appreciated! thanks in advance Tim
  2. Hey everyone, as part of our integration process we would like to be able to make api calls "from outside". Since we need to create a session for this, we noticed a difference between python and javascript api. On python side it is possible to create a session object without giving any parameters, if the corresponding environment-variables are set correctly. In javascript this seems to be not allowed! export class Session { /** * Construct Session instance with API credentials. * * @param {string} serverUrl - ftrack server URL * @param {string} apiUser - ftrack username for API user. * @param {string} apiKey - User API Key * @param {Object} options - options * @param {Boolean} [options.autoConnectEventHub=false] - Automatically connect to event hub, * @param {Array|null} [options.serverInformationValues=null] - List of server information values to retrieve. * @param {Object} [options.eventHubOptions={}] - Options to configure event hub with. * * @constructs Session */ constructor( serverUrl, apiUser, apiKey, { autoConnectEventHub = false, serverInformationValues = null, eventHubOptions = {}, clientToken = null, } = {} ) { if (!serverUrl || !apiUser || !apiKey) { throw new Error( 'Invalid arguments, please construct Session with ' + '*serverUrl*, *apiUser* and *apiKey*.' ); } . . . Why do we have the option to create api-keys without giving it an api-user (on "ftrack-web-ui/system-preferences/API keys") when we cannot use them with the javascript api? How are we supposed to achieve external api-calls? thanks in advance Tim
  3. Hey there, we're currently trying to create a widget, that will list up some of our custom attributes, but for now its a struggle to get these. Maybe we just didn't look in the right place? With the python api its possible to get these values via the project: project['custom_attributes'] but with the javascript api, project don't seem to have these properties:'all project properties: '); for(var key in currentProject) {'project['+key+'] = ' + currentProject[key]); } gives us something like this: all project properties: index.js:62 project[context_type] = show index.js:62 project[__entity_type__] = Project index.js:62 project[id] = 19e2f1e4-01dd-11e8-ac42-7ab7a47c9dda index.js:62 project[name] = tims_test_321345 So if we cannot get the 'custom_attributes' via the project, where do we get them from? thanks an advance Tim
  4. Hi, We've been using the Javascript API for a while to allow users to create a project and tasks associated with it. All good for most submissions, but we do get fairly frequent errors that seem to have to do with task creation failures. This is what the task creation call looks like: function createTask(task, project) { var taskObj = { context_type: "task", name: task, parent_id:, project: project, object_type_id: "11c137c0-ee7e-4f9c-91c5-8c77cec22b2c", bid: 0, priority_id: $scope.selectedPriority.priority_id, status_id: "29c8fb88-62c2-11e5-a7f9-42010af0e994", type_id: "ae1e2480-f24e-11e2-bd1f-f23c91dfaa16" } return session.create("Task", taskObj); } The number of tasks created per user request doesn't seem to matter as far as when the errors occur, there have been failures with anywhere from 1-10+ task creations per user request (task creation requests are also spaced out by 500ms, which should be plenty). Cannot find any consistent patterns as far as what might be causing the failures. The other major problem with this is it looks like the whole api crashes when a session.create call fails, which makes it impossible to catch the errors. Tried try/catching and other things, no luck. This makes it hard to figure out if it's a problem on our end or on ftrack's... Any thoughts on this appreciated! Would like to know if this is a problem that's appeared before for anyone else, too, as well as if there is a way to catch these errors and log them or something before the whole thing crashes.