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Found 7 results

  1. I'm writing an action script that get as input all tasks whose parent(Asset Build) have a specific value in a custom attribute. Ideally, the right value of the custom attribute would be found in the Filter button/option from the site. The first problem is that i want to be able to query all tasks that have the right filter value using the API's expression language. Something like this: filtered_value = ??? #somehow get the filter from the site list_of_tasks = session.query('Task where parent.custom_attributes.my_custom_attr is {0}'.format(filtered_value)).all() The second problem is that the custom attribute is actually a list so in the query expression i need to be able to do something like this: list_of_filtered_values = ??? #somehow get the filters from the site for value in list_of_filtered_values: #get all tasks that have the value in the custom attribute list. list_of_tasks = session.query('Task where {0} in parent.custom_attributes.my_custom_attr'.format(value)).all() #Do stuff As of right now i'm having to query all task from the project and check which ones have the right value(i get the value from the task where the action was triggered) and then apply my action with it. It's a very inefficient approach since the project has lots of tasks(and it will have more in the future) and Python is not very fast at looping around huge lists. My code right now looks like this: right_value = entity.get("my_custom_attr") tasks = session.query('Task where is "Asset Build" and is "my_project"').all() for task in tasks: if episode not in task["parent"]["custom_attributes"]['my_custom_attr']: continue else: #do_stuff Is there a better solution? Thanks!
  2. As a Production Manager I need to be able to check my team's workload. The filter "Projects" filter is missing in the Workload view. Would be great to have it there too.
  3. In the new ftrack version (3.5.12) there are display issues if adding a custom attribute filter And in the old version it was possible to re-size the filter bar...and now it's not re-sizing, just creating on the left side an empty space
  4. It would be very helpful if we could be able to filter not just activities where the status has changed, but also a specific status.
  5. Hi, In the ftrack web UI, in the task view, you implemented a useful quick filter box. At the moment it can filter task names and task descriptions. Is it planned to be able to filter shot names as well? Best, Luigi
  6. I'd like to be able to see all tasks NOT "in progress" for example. Instead of clicking every other check boxes, a simple barred equal sign beside each Filter title bar would do the trick.
  7. Hello, we try to filter by Type in Asset builds, but unfortunately, it doesn't work. Kind regards,