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Found 8 results

  1. If a custom attribute is created for a user, if manual sorted in the custom attribute settings, it will disappear from the user profile (user info list).
  2. Hi, is it possible to make a custom attribute mandatory, so the user has to give it a value on creation using the Ftrack web gui? For example I want to have a text attribute like "my_extra_name" to be a mandatory information which the user has to supply on creation through the gui. Right now i see two ways for creating new DB instances of my object types but non forces the user to supply my extra data. (The first one at least offers the possibility to directly set the value for a custom attribute and makes i more prominent but it is not mandatory. The Second way does not even offer a direct way for setting any values other then the Name. The user has to select the new instance, open the info-box and fill in additional information there and then save.) Thanks for the help in advance Lukas
  3. Hello everybody! This action populates some custom attributes within a Task that is nested under selected item. These attributes are paths to working directories and render outputs.. I have other actions that rely on these custom paths to do other things such as opening a shot with quicktime / launching the shot folder in explorer /etc.. Everything works as it should.... but I am concerned about the efficiency and speed of my code as populating each task takes about a second... and of course, the more tasks nested under my selection, the longer this process takes. Ideally... I would like to run this action at Project or at least Sequence level and let it update the custom attributes for all tasks nested under it. EpisodicS2 └-- Episode1 └-- Seq001 └-- Shot1 └-- Task1 └-- Task2 └-- Task..10 Am I doing everything right? Are there major deficiencies in my code? Thank you for all the help! Ali import logging import ftrack_api import os import re import ftrack import getpass import time os.environ['FTRACK_SERVER'] = ### os.environ['FTRACK_API_KEY'] = ### #this script will populate parameters of each task and shot nested under selected item with direct paths to file locations. ### prerequisites: #Task should have the following attributes : path, out_path, base_path #Shot should have the following attributes : plate_path #Project should have the following attributes : Project_Path #<----naming will need to be conformed ### class UpdatePaths(object): '''Custom action.''' label = 'Update Paths' identifier = 'update.task.paths' description = 'This updates the path parameter of all tasks nested under selected' icon = '' def __init__(self, session): '''Initialise action.''' super(UpdatePaths, self).__init__() self.session = session self.logger = logging.getLogger( __name__ + '.' + self.__class__.__name__ ) def register(self): '''Register action.''' try: ftrack.EVENT_HUB.subscribe( ' and source.user.username={0}'.format( getpass.getuser() ), ) ftrack.EVENT_HUB.subscribe( 'topic=ftrack.action.launch and source.user.username={0} ' 'and data.actionIdentifier={1}'.format( getpass.getuser(), self.identifier ), self.launch ) except: self.session.event_hub.subscribe( '', ) self.session.event_hub.subscribe( 'topic=ftrack.action.launch and data.actionIdentifier={0}'.format( self.identifier), self.launch ) def discover(self, event): '''Return action config if triggered on a single asset version.''' data = event['data'] # If selection contains more than one item return early since # this action can only handle a single version. selection = data.get('selection', [])'Got selection: {0}'.format(selection)) #if len(selection) != 1 or selection[0]['entityType'] != 'assetversion': # return return { 'items': [{ 'label': self.label, 'description': self.description, 'actionIdentifier': self.identifier, 'icon': self.icon }] } def launch(self, event): start_time = time.time() data = event['data'] selection = data.get('selection', []) entityTypes = ['Project', 'Episode', 'Sequence', 'Shot', 'Task'] session = ftrack_api.Session() for entity in selection: num = 0 et = entityTypes[num] item = session.query('select name from {0} where id is {1}'.format(et, entity['entityId'])).first() while item == None: num += 1 et = entityTypes[num] item = session.query('select name from {0} where id is {1}'.format(et, entity['entityId'])).first() prj_item_selected = False #If the current selected item is a project, first process it byitself. if item['parent'] == None: project = item prj_item_selected = True project_base = item['custom_attributes']['Project_Path']+item['full_name']+'/' if item['custom_attributes']['base_path']!= project_base: item['custom_attributes']['base_path'] = project_base #now look for the selected items descendants items = item['descendants'][:] #if the selected item is not a project, then we will also need to add taht to the list we will iterate through. if not prj_item_selected: items += [item] project = session.get('Project', item['project_id']) print 'Total nested items:',len(items) for i in items: link_list = i['link'][1:] episode = '' #search for an episode item in the links for l in link_list: link_item = session.get(l['type'], l['id']) if link_item['object_type']['name'] == 'Episode': episode = link_item['name'] project_path = project['custom_attributes']['Project_Path'] project_name = project['full_name'] base_path = project_path+project_name+'/'+episode+'/' base_path = base_path.replace('//','/') if i['custom_attributes']['base_path'] != base_path: i['custom_attributes']['base_path'] = base_path if i['object_type']['name'] == 'Task': shot_name = i['parent']['name'] #this may break when it comes to asset builds since they are not nested under a shot.. task_type = i['type']['name'] task_name = i['name'] path = base_path out_path = base_path if task_type in ['Compositing', 'Precomp', 'Cleanplate', 'Retime', 'Rotoscoping', 'Paintout']: comp_out_dir = '02_OUTPUT/03_comp' if task_type.lower() != task_name.lower(): comp_out_dir = '02_OUTPUT/01_precomp/{task_name}'.format(task_name=task_name) path = '{base_path}{dept_name}/{shot_name}/'.format(base_path=base_path,shot_name=shot_name,dept_name='05_COMP') out_path = '{base_path}{dept_name}/{shot_name}/{comp_out_dir}/'.format(base_path=base_path,shot_name=shot_name,dept_name='05_COMP',comp_out_dir=comp_out_dir) if task_type in ['Matchmove', 'Tracking']: path = '{base_path}{dept_name}/scenes/{shot_name}/tracking/'.format(base_path=base_path,shot_name=shot_name,dept_name='04_3D') out_path = '{base_path}{dept_name}/{shot_name}/TRAC/'.format(base_path=base_path,shot_name=shot_name,dept_name='06_RENDERS') if task_type in ['Animation']: path = '{base_path}{dept_name}/scenes/{shot_name}/anim/'.format(base_path=base_path,shot_name=shot_name,dept_name='04_3D') out_path = '{base_path}{dept_name}/{shot_name}/ANIM/'.format(base_path=base_path,shot_name=shot_name,dept_name='06_RENDERS') if task_type in ['Layout']: path = '{base_path}{dept_name}/scenes/{shot_name}/layout/'.format(base_path=base_path,shot_name=shot_name,dept_name='04_3D') out_path = '{base_path}{dept_name}/{shot_name}/LYT/'.format(base_path=base_path,shot_name=shot_name,dept_name='06_RENDERS') if task_type in ['Lighting']: path = '{base_path}{dept_name}/scenes/{shot_name}/lighting/'.format(base_path=base_path,shot_name=shot_name,dept_name='04_3D') out_path = '{base_path}{dept_name}/{shot_name}/FINL/'.format(base_path=base_path,shot_name=shot_name,dept_name='06_RENDERS') if task_type in ['FX']: path = '{base_path}{dept_name}/scenes/{shot_name}/fx/'.format(base_path=base_path,shot_name=shot_name,dept_name='04_3D') out_path = '{base_path}{dept_name}/{shot_name}/FX/'.format(base_path=base_path,shot_name=shot_name,dept_name='06_RENDERS') path = path.replace('//', '/') out_path = out_path.replace('//', '/') if i['custom_attributes']['path']!= path: #only make changes if they dont already exist i['custom_attributes']['path'] = path if i['custom_attributes']['out_path'] != out_path: #only make changes if they dont already exist i['custom_attributes']['out_path'] = out_path session.commit() print("--- %s seconds ---" % (time.time() - start_time)) return { 'success': True, 'message': 'updated task paths!' } def register(session, **kw): '''Register plugin.''' # Validate that session is an instance of ftrack_api.Session. If not, # assume that register is being called from an incompatible API # and return without doing anything. if not isinstance(session, ftrack_api.Session): # Exit to avoid registering this plugin again. return action = UpdatePaths(session) action.register() if __name__ == '__main__': logging.basicConfig(level=logging.INFO) session = ftrack_api.Session() register(session) # Wait for events. session.event_hub.wait()
  4. Hey there, we're currently trying to create a widget, that will list up some of our custom attributes, but for now its a struggle to get these. Maybe we just didn't look in the right place? With the python api its possible to get these values via the project: project['custom_attributes'] but with the javascript api, project don't seem to have these properties:'all project properties: '); for(var key in currentProject) {'project['+key+'] = ' + currentProject[key]); } gives us something like this: all project properties: index.js:62 project[context_type] = show index.js:62 project[__entity_type__] = Project index.js:62 project[id] = 19e2f1e4-01dd-11e8-ac42-7ab7a47c9dda index.js:62 project[name] = tims_test_321345 So if we cannot get the 'custom_attributes' via the project, where do we get them from? thanks an advance Tim
  5. Hi, thanks for adding in the new version of ftrack the option "Format as markdown" Unfortunately if I'm copying or writing text into a custom attribute field or a note, I need to adjust it. For Notes I need to add a second line (empty) For Custom attributes I need always to add <br> Could you use a lightweight markup language like "Remarkup", similar to other lightweight markup languages like Markdown and Wiki markup? Thanks. Best, Luigi
  6. Hi all, is there a way to get all 'custom attributes' from Ftrack using the API? Cheers, Remus
  7. Under System settings -> Custom attributes It would be nice to be able to hide the custom attributes from old jobs from view. I don't want to delete the custom attributes, I just don't want to see them once the job has finished. Imagine if you have a lot of projects each with a few custom attributes. After a few months (or years) when those jobs have wrapped, you'll still see them every time you go to make new ones. It is nice to hide them rather than delete them so that I can refer back to an old project and pull the attributes forward onto a new project (for example on a campaign or projects that are related).
  8. Hello. I want to know whether or not it is possible to create a ennumerator custom attribute and be able to edit it . The situation : I want to create a custom attribute called 'Character List' which will be a enumerator type. by default it won´t have any value, and anytime a shot is uploaded to ftrack , it would set the "Character List" custom attribute, with values we would provide. So far I found out about "CustomAttributeConfiguration" and saw there is config key which shows configuration for the custom attribute. But I don´t know if I could edit and actually wouldn´t know how to do it either. Thank you very much. Greetings