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Found 5 results

  1. When I upload an asset, such as a video, to a task, the status automatically changes from "Not Started" to "In Progress." Is there a setting that allows me to change the new status to something else, such as a custom status? I've been combing through the workflow documentation, but I can't seem to find anything applicable. Thanks! Joshua Krause
  2. eight

    Problem Deleting Asset

    Hello, I'm getting unexpected behavior when I try to delete an Asset with the API. If I delete an Asset on a Task, then list the parent shot's Assets, then that asset is still there. Here's an example I just came up with: taskAssets = task.getAssets()taskAssets[0].delete()shot = task.getParent()shotAssets = shot.getAssets()shotAssets will still have the asset I deleted. Even if I run this several times, the assets I'm trying to delete are still attached to the shot.
  3. Hi I am struggling to work out how to create a new AssetVersion in the new API. I think I have to do the following: Create an Asset -- parented to the shot Create an AssetVersion -- linking to the task and asset Create the Component. Unfortunately I'm getting an error, it seems to want a context_id on the Asset, but I don't know what to give it? I have the following code: location = session.query('Location where name is "ftrack.unmanaged"').first() task = session.query('Task where id is "d4564359-2944-49d4-93fa-b11909f19ff5"').first() shot = session.query('Shot where id is "bf127242-da0b-40aa-ac19-ca793f7590e0"').first() data = { 'parent': shot, 'name':"aAsset", 'type':'scene' } asset = session.create("Asset", {}) data = { "task": task, "asset": asset, "name": "Philip Test", "version": 99, } version = session.create("AssetVersion", data) component = version.create_component( path=r"P:\a_project\series_01\sequences\025\sq025_sh040\2d\publish\v009\040_Compositing.nk", data={ 'name': 'nuke_script' }, location=location ) session.commit() And I get the following error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:/Users/Philips/Documents/source_code/test_project/ftrack/", line 51, in <module> location=location File "L:\script_library\pipeline\libs\3rd_party\production\ftrack_api\entity\", line 47, in create_component return self.session.create_component(path, data=data, location=location) File "L:\script_library\pipeline\libs\3rd_party\production\ftrack_api\", line 1816, in create_component 'FileComponent', path, data, location File "L:\script_library\pipeline\libs\3rd_party\production\ftrack_api\", line 1887, in _create_component location.add_component(component, origin_location, recursive=False) File "L:\script_library\pipeline\libs\3rd_party\production\ftrack_api\entity\", line 77, in add_component [component], sources=source, recursive=recursive File "L:\script_library\pipeline\libs\3rd_party\production\ftrack_api\entity\", line 249, in add_components transferred=transferred ftrack_api.exception.LocationError: Failed to register components with location <UnmanagedLocation("ftrack.unmanaged", cb268ecc-8809-11e3-a7e2-20c9d081909b)> due to error: Server reported error: OperationalError((OperationalError) (1048, "Column 'context_id' cannot be null") 'INSERT INTO asset (id, name, context_id, taskid, type_id) VALUES (%s, %s, %s, %s, %s)' (u'6220bf4b-3d0f-45cf-aa6c-45106fd49396', None, None, None, None)) Transferred component data that may require cleanup: [(<dynamic ftrack FileComponent object 54489720>, 'P:\\a_project\\series_01\\sequences\\025\\sq025_sh040\\2d\\publish\\v009\\040_Compositing.nk')]
  4. Currently, assets can be linked correctly only to Shots/AssetBuilds. If we link an asset to a task the components of the assetVersion are not resolved anymore.
  5. When I reference an asset build asset with ftrack import I can't see that asset in the asset manager. I can select an item in the tree, but I can't see what it is or what buttons are available.