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Found 5 results

  1. It would be nice to be able to choose an assignee for a shot. Having full task breakdown assignments are great, but a lot of times I have a need to assign a full shot (all tasks included) to one person. Viewing that assignee when the hierarchy view is in collapsed view would be nice as well.
  2. Hi Is there any posibilities to get get Linked Asset Builds from shot? Acording to Api reference - there no such atributes of classftrack.Shot.
  3. Every time I create a new shot in Ftrack and have the sequence selected I get a UI error where every tasks doubles. A simple refresh of the page fixes this, but it is really annoying!
  4. I need some help with expressions, they honestly have confused me a bit. I've been trying to input an expression on the Shot Status column and have not gotten it figured out. The help doesn't fully explain them to an understandable point for my brain. I'm not programming inept either, I code in Javascript all the time. The syntax is what's throwing me here. Ideally I would like to have a shot count of certain status's at the top of the column, something like... "WIP: 25 / Notes: 10 / Waiting: 14" I tried something like this earlier and was getting 1 and "Passed" for the expression syntax, but not what I am wanting in results. I wrote... WIP: {func.count(func.IF(, "", "WIP Ready To Send"))}It returns "WIP: 1". I'm sure I need a loop or something in there to iterate through all items, but again, confused on the syntax. Any help appreciated, thanks. My brain is use to this setup... var ary = 0;for(var i=0; i<itemsLen; i++){ if(items[i].name == "WIP Ready To Send"){ ary++; }}return ary;
  5. Hello, Shot/Sequence/Task info is desplied in groups ('More', 'Custom attributes', 'Custom Grups', ...). But unfortunately, the custom attributes from grups are displaied random. For example if you have a group called 'Timing' with 4 attributes: Frame start. Frame handles, Frame end, Duration it will display: Frame end Frame handles Frame start Duration It would be nice to have the custom attributes from custom groups displaied in a wanted order. Thanks, Remus