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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, is there any reason why the Python paths from environment are not appended to the compiled ftrack_connect_package (v0.5.0) when is launched? If I create a simple action which print the sys.path I get this: .../ftrack/3.3.31/connect/0.5.0/centos-6_x86-64/ .../ftrack/3.3.31/connect/0.5.0/centos-6_x86-64/ftrack_connect_package .../ftrack/3.3.31/connect/0.5.0/centos-6_x86-64 .../ftrack/3.3.31/connect/0.5.0/centos-6_x86-64/ .../ftrack/3.3.31/connect/0.5.0/centos-6_x86-64/ .../ftrack/3.3.31/connect/0.5.0/centos-6_x86-64/ Even the python build in modules are not there. For example 'HTMLParser'. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. Hi I'm trying to build tools that work around the context given in a certain application, such as nuke. The Issue that I have is that the current connect launch application actions don't provide a consistent context environment. For example nuke and maya, provides FTRACK_TASKID, FTRACK_SHOTID among other keys (I would consider not context based). But Nuke Studio doesn't provide any keys that are context based. It seems connect actions are designed to only provide the information that they feel is applicable to the ftrack tools running in the application, and with no consideration for requirements of other tools being written by 3rd parties. It would be nice if for example there was a "FTRACK_ENTITY" = "[TYPE];[ID]" sort of environment variable in every connect application, so that who ever is producing tools, could use it how they wish, and always be reliant on that variable existing. This would then free us up to make tools that weren't reliant on a Shot based work flow for example it could be any custom entity type then instead. I'm new to ftrack and come from a shotgun pipeline. I appreciate I don't have a full understanding of how things should work in ftrack, but I'm used to being able to launch an application in what ever context and then having my tools run off that. I also realise that I could write\modify the existing actions provided by ftrack, but that's not desirable due to updates and deployment of the code. Could this sort of thing be implemented or is there a different more preferred approach which I'm unaware of? Thanks Phil
  3. Hello all, My goal is to launch programs such as windows shell, Maya & Nuke, etc, from the ftrack UI and also feed custom environment variables to the shell before the application is launched. For example, I know project A requires Nuke 8.0 and Ocula 1.0 and project B requires Nuke 9.0 & Ocula 2.0 . I'm hoping to make/update a UI in ftrack which would have a Nuke icon and if the user double clicks the Nuke icon, the correct version of Nuke and plug-in are found via the environment variables. I can do this with other web based production tracking software and via a command line/Gui based system I maintained at a previous job site. This is the first time I've used ftrack so apologies if this is an obvious topic. Thanks for any tips. Adam Chrystie Pipeline Software Engineer