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Found 6 results

  1. I'd love to be able to quickly see a calendar view that is more of an overview so I can see where my crews are booked out. We use another project management tool and although it is less than awesome, their calendar layout works really well for a scheduling perspective. (Screenshot attached).
  2. Hello guys, After few months of using Ftrack, we gather few notes and feedbacks. It's not really a features request but mostly an open discussion to know what might already be in dev or a good idea to push further. My tasks - Upcoming Dates pannel (UI feedback) It would be nice if the name of the milestone is put forward. Currently, the whole hierarchy is written in the same font, same size. Milestones - (New feature?) It may be useful to be able to give a duration to a milestone. This would be convenient to symbolize the feedback time that the client has from the presentation. Bookmarks - (New feature?) To be able to change the name of the bookmarks. - (New feature?) Currently, it seems that bookmark only save the path to a specific location. It would be great that it also saves the view setup. We always struggle to switch between different views. Schedule - (New feature?) It would be useful to be able to save iterations of tasks gantt scheduling. It would allow to compare what was planned with reality. View - (Update?) It would be nice that when you save a view, it also saves the fact that your gannt is activate or not. Some views are setup in order to work well with the gannt panel. Review Session - (New feature?) It would be nice to be able to desactivate some tools like pen and arrow. Can sounds weird but sometimes you don't want to give your client the ability to draw on the stuff you submit. My Task - Schedule Pannel - (New feature?) It would be useful to have the option to see only Task or Event or both (exactly like in the Overview pannel). Let me know if you have questions, cheers,
  3. We would like to extend the selected task darkened bar to the Schedule Gant View. This would allow us to more easily see the selected task in complex Gant views.
  4. We would like to request the ability to double click, or right a click task in the Schedule Gant to enter task time manually. Currently you have to try and pull the handle and it is difficult to get exactly the amount of time you want.
  5. Hello, We would like to request that the zoom up, or increase the magnification feature of the Schedule Gant would stay fixed on the current view. Currently anytime you increase the magnification of the Schedule view the window snaps to the front of the project and you have to navigate back to the spot in the Schedule you were working on. This adds a great deal of time to developing a complex schedule. Thank you Eric
  6. Hey guys, So sorry, I found this topic somewhere in the support section but I cannot seem to find it again. Does anyone know how I can export the schedule (timeline) that can be viewed when making/editing a project? Now I only seem to export columns and rows with the accompanied information.