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Found 11 results

  1. this doesn't apply to trivial notes like : 'Shot started', 'Good job!' or 'You're fired', ... Notes are really useful because they contain the description of specific retakes: 'Evenly space edges on fingers', 'add loop in elbows', 'Setup Reference contains keys on eyes', ... Several retakes may also be grouped in one note. This is why it would be useful to have a status on notes so that a resource/supervisor can see what retakes are done, are in progress or still need to be done. Filtering on those stati would be very helpful Maybe you have a different idea on how to implement retakes (description and follow up throughout the versions). If you do, we'd like to know how One thing is for sure the description and status of a specific retake (not just a version) must be clearly visible and easily queryable. Forgetting a retake because it wasn't clearly visible (between all other notes) or queryable is not an option.
  2. I want to upload some files as components on new location . I want to create the location with Serveracessor , is this possible , could you provide me with a simple example ? and what its limitations ?
  3. I want to download or copy files from the ftrack location , inside this there are several components which id like to copy them to my local drive .i have seen only in the documentation samples for dropbox and how to wrap my component to a file using dropbox accessor .could this be done but on the local drive? as the task is to synchronise files between my local drive and ftrack server account components and i could only find diskaccessor and dropbox accessor ..
  4. I think splitting up the task visuals into meta and micro categories would be great and allow for as much organization (or as little) as each individual user would like. For example: Currently there's only support for "meta phases" such as In Progress, Pending Approval, and Approval to name a few. These meta phases are seen by everyone in a project and they're a great and simple indicator for where everyone is and where the project is heading. This is working great for other artists and especially producers. However, I'd like to have a little more visual progression for my own work so I can see at a glance where I am doing well time-wise and where I need to hustle. In Progress doesn't really tell me, or other people how close I am to finishing a task, so having something like a "micro phase slider" in the ftrack app and software plugin with color coded values ( 0%(red), 25%(blue), 50%(yellow), 75%(orange), and 100%(ftrack green)) would be really nice. Once the task gets to 100% it would automatically be put into the Pending Approval macro phase and alert the relevant artists/producers. From there it would be reviewed and Approved or sent back to In Progress for changes where the progress bar will be reset. Your own tasks would always have the micro phase sliders visible and you can toggle on/off other artists' micro phase sliders.
  5. Would be awesome to have a client-side portal for clients to review work and make notes. Give them access to a limited view that we can control.
  6. Hi all: Our studio recently decided to adopt ftrack as our solution for handling asset version control, along with project management as well. As part of that process, I've been working on 3ds max (2015) integration for the studio , as it's the main DCC that artists are using here. However, I'm running into some odd issues when working with MaxPlus; namely, the first time that ftrack.setup() is called, there's a substantial delay of at least 20+ seconds before the command executes successfully; subsequent ftrack operations after that don't seem to have the same problem. It seems that the delay happens once the EVENT_HUB.connect() command is executed, but I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what's going on here; the same issue doesn't appear in Maya, using a simple test script to compare what's going on. Anyone working with MaxPlus here who might have run into the same issue, I'd appreciate any advice you might have on the topic! Thanks!
  7. Hi all, quick question: Is there a method through the API to get some version info about the current running ftrack API package? I tried looking through but didn't find anything. Thanks!
  8. Hi, Now that I've been setting up actions, I've been wondering if you've considered creating the ability to categorize actions, as in being able to set certain actions to only display when a version (or multiple versions) is selected and right-clicked, and other actions to only display when a shot is right-clicked, etc. Certain actions (like creating folders) apply to asset builds and shots but not to asset versions, etc, and this may be confusing for users. Thoughts? Thanks! Kat
  9. It would be great if Ftrack would allow us to customise the mail notifications from top to bottom. Currently it's near to impossible to keep the notifications you get in your inbox in context of other messages for a project coming from elsewhere trough filtering. [HOST] Would yield a the first component of the ftrack host. This would be useful for people present in multiple ftrack instances from different companies. [PROJECT SHORTNAME] This would allow messages to be filtered and labeled inside mail applications along messages coming from elsewhere in the company that follow a standard. Here we usually prepend email subjects with the short name of a project between brackets. These two alone in the subject would make for better less generic notifications and would allow people to have messages being filtered easily inside their email apps and matching their own company or personal standards. Things like: [HOTS] [<PROJECT_SHORTNAME>] [Task Assigned: <USERNAME>] <TASK NAME> [HOTS] [<PROJECT_SHORTNAME>] [Task Updated] <TASK NAME> [HOTS] [<PROJECT_SHORTNAME>] [Note from: <USERNAME>] on <ENTITY NAME> [HOTS] [<PROJECT_SHORTNAME>] [New message from: <USERNAME>] [HOTS] [<PROJECT_SHORTNAME>] [status Update] <ENTITY NAME> from <STATUS> to <STATUS> [HOTS] [<PROJECT_SHORTNAME>] [New Version] <Version Name> etc...
  10. Hi Guys, Great job with as a new member to the ftrack community, I can see our team needing to refer to it quite often. Given that one of the reasons for opting for a local installation, is to keep our network disconnected from the internet - team members would have to use a separate web-connected workstation to access the docs. While we have this available for reference, it is quite inconvenient as they can't simply switch tabs between the support docs and their ftrack account. They'd have to go back and forth between stations. It would be great to have a downloadable version of that we can host on our local install so that team members can access it via the LAN. Thanks again. Best, Jack
  11. Hi, I think that adding a few features to FReview would really improve its functionality. Here are my thoughts: Full screen mode. At one click being able to take the image to the full screen (i.e. take out the panels and make the image full screen). This is different from the current implementation which goes full screen but keeps the panels visible. I would love a keyboard shortcut for that in addition to the icon and my vote would be for 'Tab'.Easy switching of versions. At the moment it takes too many clicks to switch to another version. I would keep it very simple and double click on a version to switch to it, instead of the current click, click load. The version being played back should be highlighted in the versions list. Again a keyboard shortcut would be ideal... I would vote for PageUp/PageDown to go up and down with versions.Once you choose a different version I think it should update the attributes at the top to reflect the current version being played back.When starting up FReview just automatically load the clip instead requiring the user to double click on the iconHaving an icon and keyboard shortcut to toggle the playback range between the full length of the clip and a cut range. I would use an additional metadata key to set what the cut range is. In addition to the current 'frameIn','frameOut','frameRate' you could have 'cutIn', 'cutOut'. Once you click on the 'cut range' icon playhead will only play between cutIn and cutOut.If you have multiple items on the timeline it would be good to be able to toggle between 'only play current shot' or 'play all shots'. Again the toggle should be with a one click icon or keyboard shortcut. If I am in 'current shot' mode, it would be good to be able to go to the next clip easily. For instance Ctrl+Left/Right arrows. It's already very useful, but I feel that these few tweaks would make it much more powerful! Thank you! M.