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    Remus Avram reacted to JPrydz in Advanced filter settings: "Any" condition for all entity types   
    Hi Remus,
    Filtering on the Overview tab has been enhanced in latest version, 4.2:
    Add support for filtering out events, tasks and milestones on Users and Projects timeline views.
    More information on latest versions:
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    Remus Avram got a reaction from John in Restricting the ability to rename a shot, task, folder etc...?   
    Hi @mark.fin ,
    we have the same issue. What we need is a lock system for the Ftrack entities and attributes. Please have a look at this discussion  http://forum.ftrack.com/index.php?/topic/788-lock-system-for-entity-attribute/ .
    Until this is implemented, we are using an Ftrack action which works pretty nice for us.
    How the action works:
    - it listen for all the events
    - ones an event match the conditions, we process it.
    Example: we allow production to create an asset and update the name as long as the status is not changed. Ones the status is changed, we mark it (set a key in metadata). If the production renames it now, the action detects that the asset is marked and rename it back to the previous name and let the user know why he/she can't do it.
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    Remus Avram reacted to pawel in how to fetch custom_attributes in a query?   
    I'm trying to figure out a query to retrieve all or selected custom_attributes in a query. I have some custom attributes on a project and my session has autopopulating turned OFF.
    project = session.query('select custom_attributes from Project where name is "{0}"'.format(name)).one() if I try to access my custom attribute "foo" the value of it is not set
    print project['custom_attributes']['foo'] > NOT_SET I tried to pass the attribute name directly to the query but that in key error
    project = session.query('select custom_attributes.foo from Project where name is "{0}"'.format(name, key)).one() > ServerError: Server reported error: KeyError(u"No attribute u'foo' exists for schema u'CustomAttributeValue'.") is it possible to fetch custom attributes in the main query?
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    Remus Avram reacted to JPrydz in not able to assign more then 27 users per task   
    We will update our documentation regarding MariaDB 10 shortly.
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    Remus Avram reacted to JPrydz in not able to assign more then 27 users per task   
    When having lots of assignees on a task the following variable in mysql will cause problems in the Tasks spreadsheet:
    From MariaDB 10.2.4 the default value has changed and will no longer result in this problem.
    If you are facing this issue now you can change the setting to be 1M.
    Updating this variable will solve the problems in the tasks spreadsheet but there is no guarantee other places in the UI will not suffer from other presentational issues when having a large number of assignees on a single task.
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    Remus Avram reacted to Erik in in-task checklists   
    This is one of the most sought after features here as well.
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    Remus Avram reacted to Robinson in Wiping/switching between versions in Ftrack Review player   
    Probably a big ask  from a technical perspective but an incredibly useful feature in Review would be to wipe between two loaded versions in Ftrack Web Player.  If wiping isn't possible, even a key press to quickly switch from version A to version B during playback would be helpful.
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    Remus Avram reacted to JPrydz in Batch deleting playlists   
    Thanks for the update.
    Sorry, the API is still the way to do this.
    A request for an improvement of this has been noted.
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    Remus Avram reacted to Mattias Lagergren in send custom notifications via ftrack_api   
    No updates as of now - as an additional workaround, have you looked into writing a message (note without parent) to the user? This should trigger a notification
    note = session.create('Note', { 'content': 'hey', 'user_id': author_user_id}) sesssion.create('Recipient', { 'note_id': note['id'], 'resource_id': target_user_id }) session.commit()  
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    Remus Avram reacted to JPrydz in No metadata on Ftrack list type   
    Thanks for sending this in.
    I have informed development about your request.
    So let's see what they can do.
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    Remus Avram reacted to Mattias Lagergren in get latest versions - only one per task   
    Cool, thanks - I will put up as a feature request.
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    Remus Avram reacted to cschnell in Ftrack local installation   
    regarding this page
    Ftrack runs well on Centos 6.
    Are also later versions of Centos supported?
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    Remus Avram reacted to Lucas Correia in Date saved into DB when an entity is created   
    Hi Remus,

    We store an Event entity when some entities (e.g. Task, Note) are created. Examples of how to query these are available in this snippet.
    Currently, we do not track changes to AssetVersionLink and no create Event will be available. I've added a request to add this.
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    Remus Avram reacted to JPrydz in Get all users which did not track their time   
    Hi Remus,
    Correct, right now there is now export on that report.
    But your suggestions have been noted, so let's see if either a choice for report will be added. or maybe the filter solution mentioned initially.
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    Remus Avram reacted to Mattias Lagergren in Upgrading MariaDB to use JSON   
    Yes, we plan to upgrade to MariaDB 10.X but I do not have any dates on this yet.
    The JSON functionality is interesting and something to consider
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    Remus Avram reacted to Anthony Kramer in "Upcoming Dates" UI improvements   
    Hey there ftrack, me again.
    So I love this upcoming dates pane in the task board but I there are a few minor UI improvements I think would make it even better.
    1) If the date listed has passed, it would be nice to color the date RED. If its within days of the date maybe it goes orange - Might even be cool to have a divider showing where TODAY lands
    2) Dates seem to take a while to fall off this list, is it like 2 weeks? Would be nice to customize this. (the attachment posted was taken Sept 17, and theres still Sept 11 date on there)
    3) The "show more" button at the bottom seems unneccesary. I feel like I always have to press it because by default I only get 5 dates which doesnt even begin to take up enough real estate anyway. I think you should just have them all show up. If theres a lot maybe you have a button on the bottom that instead says "TODAY" and scrolls you back centered on today.

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    Remus Avram reacted to Martin Pengelly-Phillips in publish version with description on multiple lines   
    We've been waiting on this for a while now. Do you have an expected date of when this will happen?
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    Remus Avram reacted to Mattias Seebergs in not able to sort by Assignee   
    Hi Remus,
    Thank you for your question.
    This is not possible currently. I believe this is due to that the Assignee field is a multi-value field (that you can have multiple assignees).
    There is a feature request ticket however on this so will add you to it.
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    Remus Avram got a reaction from Alican in Custom keyboard shortcuts   
    Hi Ftrack,
    is there a way to customize the keyboard shortcuts? It would be handy for different operations which are done often.
    Cheers, Remus
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    Remus Avram got a reaction from Alican in Custom keyboard shortcuts   
    Thank you, Mattias! Shortcuts keyboard are really useful for repetitive tasks.
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    Remus Avram reacted to Fredrik Limsater in "Unread Content" doesn't work anymore   
    This is now resolved.
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    Remus Avram reacted to Fredrik Limsater in "Unread Content" doesn't work anymore   
    Hi Remus,
    after an update of the forum earlier in the week we're in the process of rebuilding the search cache, which might effect this as well. Give it a few days and see if it gets better. 
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    Remus Avram reacted to Mattias Lagergren in role permissions for deleting component of a version   
    Hi Remus, not at the moment - if they have access to the components tab they can delete them. I think it makes sense to have this as a permission (and more granular in general) and will raise this as a feature request with the team.
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    Remus Avram reacted to Mattias Lagergren in can't get custom attribute type Expression via ftrack_api   
    We have ideas on similar expressions in the API. All new features and widgets that we build are based on the API so eventually we will need this kind of functionality in the API.
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    Remus Avram reacted to Mattias Lagergren in component name is not unique   
    This is a known "issue" and not designed. We're considering changing this in the future to limit creation of new components with duplicate names.
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