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  1. Hi Mattias. Are there any updates regarding this topic? We would like to set ftrack-connect for all the users in the autostart and if we can control the ftrack server URL, then they don't have to anything manually. Even more, we would like to run it in the background. In this way, we don't have to disturb the artists and create confusion. Or is there any other way to fill out the Ftrack Server URL automatically?
  2. Hi, is it possible to start the ftrack-connect in the background? Ones the user is login the first time, then ftrack-connect can be added in the autostart and automatically login when the user logins in the gnome session.
  3. is it possible to get a pop up window when there is a new notification in the Inbox? Ex:
  4. Hi Ftrack Team, our production would like to write notes which includes new lines. Example of note: Node line one. Node line two. Node line three. When we add the note, it displays like this: Node line one. Node line two. Node line three. Is is possible to get it displayed in multiple lines?
  5. Which is the category custom attribute type and what are you trying to set to it?
  6. Hi Ftrack Team, I see that in your Roadmap you are working on a new front-end stack We realized that this will fix quite a few of our big workflow issues. Is there any release date for it? Best, Remus
  7. I just rechecked session.event_hub.disconnect() in production and it seems that it doesn't fix the problem with closing the session properly. All the time when I recreate the session (disconnect and create a new session) it start a python subprocess. At the moment it's ok as we receive an Symbol Type Error around three times per day, and we restart the dispatcher ones per week. But it would be nice to be fixed in the future.
  8. Thanks @tinitron for your comment! This is exactly what we want to do as well. And we have the same question. Way we can not use the existing Task view widget?
  9. Nice! Thanks! I think this can be used for small scripts. At the moment we are using a session globally.
  10. This helps! Thanks! Still it would be awesome to have session.close() fore disconnection everything; it's more common.
  11. We did more investigations in order to find what exactly the problem is with the Symbol(NOT_SET). When it returns a ftrack_api.symbol.Symbol type instead of the right value of the custom attribute of a ftrack entity, we tried: - clearing the cache: session.cache.clear() - resetting the session: session.reset() - getting the ftrack entity again: ftrack_entity = ftrack_session.get('TypedContext', ftrack_entity['id']) - querying again the DB: ftrack_entity = ftrack_session.query('{0} where id is {1}'.format(ftrack_entity.entity_type, ftrack_entity['id']) None of the above commands fix the problem. The only solution is to create a new session. If we recreate a new session, then the old session is not closed until the daemon (python scrip) finish running. In this case, at some point is crashing because of hundred of python sub-processes still running. Is there any workaround for this?
  12. Not really. It would be cool if we could fetching only the custom attributes of an ftrack entity instead of all the data (children, parent, etc)
  13. But is it possible to disable querying the cache and query all the time the DB when using session.get()?
  14. Yes, to use a Task TreeView widget into the Dashboards. Is it possible?
  15. Thanks Mattias for pointing to the documentation! I will try to use the layout system.
  16. Hi Mattias! Are there any updates regarding this feature? What I want is to get only the custom attributes value of a ftrack entity. shot_custom_attributes = session.query("select custom_attributes from Shot where ....")
  17. Hi Ftrack, is it possible to add a Tree View in a Dashboard? Adding views into the Dashboards can improve the overview of the project for production.
  18. Hi Ftrack, we would like to order the custom attributes in the Info view of the Ftrack object first buy the Group. Is it possible?
  19. Hi Ftrack! We are really exciting about this release. Is there any ETA?
  20. I found the issue. Actually what I was trying to do is to create the note without adding it to the task before committing. category = session.query( 'NoteCategory where name is "External Note"' ).first() note = session.create('Note', { 'content': 'New note with external category', 'author': user, 'category': category }) session.commit()
  21. Thank you for your answer! Regarding the client report, we will create an action to export the excel sheet. I will let you know the progress. Regarding the custom attributes, we will be happy if it will get improved and we can query data for multiple levels.
  22. This is the documentation part which I am referring: You can also set the category when creating a note manually: category = session.query( 'NoteCategory where name is "External Note"' ).first() note = session.create('Note', { 'content': 'New note with external category', 'author': user, 'category': category }) task['notes'].append(note) If I create the note like in the above example, I get the respective error.
  23. Hi Ftrack, is it possible to update automatically the bid days value of all the parents when the bid days value of a task has been changed in the tree view? Best, Remus
  24. Are there any plans to improve the query into the expression custom attribute? Where is this helpful? At the moment, our production keeps the daily/weekly client report into an excel file and share between them. Really old school :). We created some custom attributes in Ftrack and a view, similar to the excel sheet, and whenever they want to send the report to the client, they export the view to excel. It works pretty nice for them. They like it. But unfortunately, they still need to fill in all the information manually. And there are quite a lot of custom attributes and shots/asset builds. But actually, all the custom attributes can be automated based of the existing data. Noting should be fill in manually. One workaround is to use actions, but a better approach is to set them as an expression. Unfortunately, at the moment the query in the expression is quite limited....