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  1. Hi @Tim Edelmann which version of Ftrack are you running?
  2. Hi @Aleksandra no, we didn't. We ask the users to track their time correctly as time means money. But still a pain for production when an artist leaves the company and he didn't track the time correctly.
  3. Hi @INFECTED it works for us. Which version of Ftrack are you running? We are running 3.5.21
  4. The new documentation also doesn't have a content on the left side.
  5. Hi guys, there is no event emitted when I create / update / remove an entity type TypedContextLink. Best, Remus
  6. Can you please add me, too my email address is: remus.avram20@gmail.com
  7. Ok. This is not really recommended. There could be jobs on the farm writing there, or you have some hardcoded paths somewhere in the metadata, etc.
  8. What do you mean? Automatic renaming? like if you rename something in Ftrack, it should be renamed also on the filesystem?
  9. It still missing in version 3.5.20. Any plans to add it back?
  10. Hi @ewokninja the time zone in the DB should be recorded in UTC timezone. The Ftrack web interface should detect the time zone set on the machine and convert the date/time fields to the respective timezone. Or do you need the timezone on any date/time field for something else?
  11. Thanks for the info! We will try to test this, too.
  12. We already requested this. It makes sens for us as using multiple session it means creating multiple cache files which increase the number of queries to the DB.
  13. We tried multiple ways. It will not work. If you are using multi threads, use multiple session.
  14. It would be great if there would be an attribute "send_notification" type boolean on the asset version type. True - send notification False - don't send notification
  15. Thanks @tokejepsen for the info. I was thinking that it's something related to the notifications. So if it's set to false, then it will not send a notification.
  16. Hi all, is there a way to not send notifications for a asset version when it's published? For example I don't want to send every time a new notification when a work file is published. I want to send notifications only when a real publish is done and needs to be added for review. Best, Remus
  17. Hi all, I looked into the documentation, but I didn't find anything related to the "is_publish" attribute of an AssetVersion. Does anybody know if it's used for something specific? Best, Remus
  18. I think not specifying the version number when you create the assetVersion it's the best way. In this way it's automatically creating the next version.
  19. Hi @Mattias Lagergren the offline documentation was awesome for the production and artists as they could find it easily. Unfortunately, our users don't have direct internet connection and they can not easily access it. Another think is that we are not migrating to the latest version all the time. Especially when we are close to a show deadline. In this way, if there are new features which production is interested in, but they are not in the Ftrack version used in production, then it could create confusion.
  20. Thanks @Martin Pengelly-Phillips for your info. I am interested how others studios are using the `ftrack_api`.
  21. Thanks @Mattias Lagergren! For the moment the work around works. It's just that would be cool to have it fixed.
  22. Thanks @Martin Pengelly-Phillips for the info! So as I understand the cache is build per session. If there is a session per thread, then for each thread there is a cache file which can contain the same data as the other sessions. Am I correct? Having only one session, there is only one cache file with all the data and the queries are faster. Less queries to the database. Do you know if the sessions connected? I did a test and it seems that they are. I query in assetBuild in one session and I created a task using as parent the assetbuild from the other session and the task w
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