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  1. Hi @vitek

    which version of ftack-api and ftarck server are you running?

    The example below works for us:

    import ftrack_api
    session = ftrack_api.Session()
    task = session.query("Task where name is cacatcacat").one()
    note_category = session.query("NoteCategory where name is 'Internal'").one()
    content = "this is just a test"
    user = session.query("User where username is '<username>'").one()
    note = session.create("Note",
                              'category': note_category,
                              'content': content,
                              'author': user

    Can you assert all the returns?

  2. Hi,

    did anybody so far create an action which creates a dependency graph of the connected assets?

    We started tracking every version in Ftrack and link the versions between them.

    Sometimes we can reach more than 10 layers.

    It's nice that we can view the links in Ftrack, but adding them in a graph would look nicer.