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  1. Hi Bjoern, thank you for your support! This is great! Kind regards, Remus
  2. Hi Mattias, thank you for your answer! We will really need it for using ftrack in our company. Best regards, Remus
  3. Hello, We have a couple of custom attributes with Expression Type (please check systemSettings_customAttributes.jpg). Unfortunately, they are not displaied in Shot Info (please check project_shotInfo.jpg). Thanks, Remus
  4. Hello, Shot/Sequence/Task info is desplied in groups ('More', 'Custom attributes', 'Custom Grups', ...). But unfortunately, the custom attributes from grups are displaied random. For example if you have a group called 'Timing' with 4 attributes: Frame start. Frame handles, Frame end, Duration it will display: Frame end Frame handles Frame start Duration It would be nice to have the custom attributes from custom groups displaied in a wanted order. Thanks, Remus
  5. Hello, System Settings -> Workflow -> Schema For every project we have a specific Schema. All the time creating a new Schema from scratch it's taking a lot of time. Is there a way to have a "Tamplate Schema" and clone it from there? Thanks, Remus
  6. Hello, System Settings -> Workflow -> Types - in this moment isn't any way of sorting; If there are more then 50 types, it's very difficult to find what you are looking. It wolud be great if we could sort after Color or Name. Also System Settings -> Workflow -> Status Types - in this moment isn't any way of sorting; It wolud be great if we could sort after Color, Name or Corresponds to. Thanks, Remus
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