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  1. Hi Lucas, thank you for looking into it. We really need this future for using time tracking. Best, Remus
  2. Hi Mattias, managing the 'available only on the respective project' attributes directly from the project could be a solution. But a tagging system would be more suitable for doing this. Thanks, Remus
  3. Hi Mattias, it would be nice to have in the 'Linked asset builds' the name of the Asset build, the Status and additional the number of how many times it will be imported in the scene.
  4. Hello F-Track, is there any possibility that a Coordinator/Producer to add time or change the time logged by other users? Thanks, Remus
  5. Hello guys, I would like to ask you if there is any progress in adding checklists/todo's. We are trying to find a workaround for subtasks and this procedure I think could work. Please have a look at this topic too: Thanks, Remus
  6. Hello F-track, there is any possibility to create a subtask of a task? For example we have many rigging/modelling/... tasks for a character: rigging - skin - bones - face - body .............. We would like to know what can be the best practice to do this. Thanks, Remus
  7. Hello Mattias, thanks for your answer and for the video! I was looking into custom enumerator attribute, but we would like to add more values during the project by production/coordinators. Unfortunately they don't have access to system settings to do that. Best, Remus
  8. Hello F-Track, we would like to have a tag system in f-track. The workflow should look like this: Project manager defines a couple of tags per project -> assign the tags to the shots -> filter shots by clicking one tag Do you think this could be possible to be implemented? Or how could be the best practice to do this? Best, Remus
  9. Hello F-Track, when we are browsing in F-Track web page, we get these error messages in /opt/ftrack/apache/logs/error_log: [Thu Mar 05 13:14:29.429744 2015] [:error] [pid 3234:tid 140606632851200] Not valid eventType: db.all.file_component[Thu Mar 05 13:14:29.547526 2015] [:error] [pid 3241:tid 140606758729472] Not valid eventType: db.all.component_location[Thu Mar 05 13:14:30.547463 2015] [:error] [pid 3235:tid 140606779709184] Not valid eventType: db.all.attachment[Thu Mar 05 13:15:14.791750 2015] [:error] [pid 3245:tid 140606769219328] Not valid eventType: db.all.user_setting[Thu Mar 05 13:15:17.230691 2015] [:error] [pid 3245:tid 140606769219328] Not valid eventType: db.all.user_view[Thu Mar 05 12:32:26.484843 2015] [:error] [pid 3242:tid 140606811178752] [remote ip:1537] Error - <class ''>: Method with name getChanges is not an allowed remotable.Should we get worry about them? Kind regards, Remus
  10. Please have a look at this topic too:
  11. Hello Carl, thank you for your answer! This make sens. Best, Remus
  12. Hello Mattias, I am running Ftrack V3 and I am using Ftrack Connect. Unfortunately, in this Connect I don't have a way to select a task to work on and select an application to launch. Could you please let us know how this can be done with Ftrack V3? Or point us to a documentation? Thanks, Remus
  13. Hello, we have shots linked with asset builds. In one shot we are using 5 times the same asset build. Is there a way to represent this in ftrack? Best regards, Remus
  14. Thank you Milan for your answer! It's working! My mistake!
  15. Hi Milan, thank you for your feedback! Unfortunately also filter by Type doesn't work in version 3.0.5. Cheers, Remus
  16. Hello, we try to filter by Type in Asset builds, but unfortunately, it doesn't work. Kind regards,
  17. Hello, we have a couple of Asset builds, grouped default by Type (Character, Environment, etc - please have a look at Attached picture). When we select "Asset builds" we have all the asset builds created in the View. We would like to have the option to select only "Character folder" and have in the View only the Character Asset Builds. Best regards, Remus
  18. Hello, reading the documentation I find out that Expression attributes can not be created on Sequences. Expression attributes can be created on Shot, Asset Build, Task and AssetVersion entities and may collect data from different sources. In Sequences we have attributes: "Frame In", "Frame Out" and "Duration", where "Duration" = { "Frame Out" - "Frame In" + 1 } It would be nice if we can use Expression attributes also in Sequence. Thank you for your support, Remus
  19. Hi Carl, thank you for your support! Best, Remus
  20. Hello, we are trying to create a custom attribute, "Expression" type, for Sequence, but unfortunately it failed with error: Expression could not be parsed Please check the attached files. Thanks, Remus
  21. Hi Carl, is there any possibility to have "Manual sort" also in System Settings -> Advanced -> Attribute groups? Best Regards, Remus
  22. Hi Carl, thank you for you answer! You are right! The sorting is respected inside the grouping in manula sorting stage. It was my mistake! I didn't see the "Save" button. I expected to be next to "Create" - button/ Manual sort. Best Regards, Remus
  23. Hi Lucas, thank you for your feedback! Yes, we are using multiple workflow schemas with minor differences. Every client has its preferences and at some point every client project has different settings. Best, Remus
  24. Hi Bjoern, thank you for your support! This is great! Kind regards, Remus