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  1. On 7/11/2017 at 9:20 AM, Mattias Lagergren said:

    Hi Remus, thank you for the request - we are already considering this (follow/unfollow) as part of a future change to the notifications feature. I will make sure to incorporate this information any future research

    Hi @Mattias Lagergren

    is there any update regarding this?

    If not, is there any workaround for the moment? Like would it be possible to create an action which the user triggers on a ftrack object to subscribe to it?


    As an example, an animation supervisor would like to subscribe to all the animation tasks from a show in order to receive a notification for each version published linked to the animation task.

  2. 21 hours ago, JPrydz said:

    Hi Remus,

    Yes, you should be able to this on Overview tab.
    Create a "Cross-project view", set a name and choose Object as type.
    You can then add "Object type" and filter on that.
    Hope this helps.


    Hi @JPrydz

    thanks for the quick answer.

    The new Overview looks a bit different and the left panel (with the sequences, shots, etc) is missing. So for example you can not just select a sequence and get the tasks and milestones only from that sequence.

    Another issue is that the dashboard will display the tasks and milestones from all the projects. A way is to manually exclude all the projects which we are not interested. (It seems that it's also a bug as it displays the tasks from excluded projects as well. Ftrack version:


  3. Hi Lucas,

    2 hours ago, Lucas Correia said:

    Do you by chance have configured ftrack to override the default create project behaviour?

    If not, can you check if you see any errors in the browser console and open a support case with any information from the logs? We'll be able to help you more easily there.

    no, we didn't configure Ftrack to override the default create project behavior.

    I will check the browser console and open a support case with more information.



  4. Hi,

    I would like to assign 50 users to a task in Ftrack. I used the ftrack_api to add automatically all the users to the project and assign them to a single task using the code from below.

    import ftrack_api
    session = ftrack_api.Session()
    project = session.query("Project where name is <project_name>").one()
    users = session.query("User where is_active is True").all()
    task = session.query(
            "select assignments.resource_id "
            "from Task "
            "where project.name is '<project_name>' and name is '<task_name>'").one()
    already_assigned = [_['resource_id'] for _ in task['assignments']]
    already_members = [_['resource_id'] for _ in project["allocations"]]
    for user in users:
        if user["id"] not in already_members:
            session.create("Appointment", {
                "context": project, "resource": user, "type": "allocation"
        if user['id'] not in already_assigned:
            session.create('Appointment', {
                'context': task, 'resource': user, 'type': 'assignment'

    When I opened the Ftrack web interface and click to the Assignee column of the task, it displays only 27 users. Once I click outside of the box, it displays as there were changes to the task. If I save the changes, then it removes some users and keeps only 27.

    Is this the normal behaviour, or I am doing something wrong?

    Ftrack version: 4.1.5

    Best, Remus

  5. 3 hours ago, Mattias Lagergren said:

    No updates as of now - as an additional workaround, have you looked into writing a message (note without parent) to the user? This should trigger a notification

    note = session.create('Note', { 'content': 'hey', 'user_id': author_user_id})
    sesssion.create('Recipient', { 'note_id': note['id'], 'resource_id': target_user_id })


    I think this is what exactly we are looking for :) 

    we will give it a try and let you know if works for us

  6. 1 hour ago, Mattias Lagergren said:

    Thanks but I'm afraid I'm not 100% sure I follow this, is it a task or a shot that you would open in the sidebar?

    I understand it as you:

    1. Open an entity (Shot, Sequence?) in the sidebar and look at the versions tab.

    2. From the versions tab you want to only see the latest version per task - so if there are multiple assets you would only see 1, which is the latest.

    This is exactly what our production would like to see.

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