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  1. 21 hours ago, JPrydz said:

    Hi Remus,

    Yes, you should be able to this on Overview tab.
    Create a "Cross-project view", set a name and choose Object as type.
    You can then add "Object type" and filter on that.
    Hope this helps.


    Hi @JPrydz

    thanks for the quick answer.

    The new Overview looks a bit different and the left panel (with the sequences, shots, etc) is missing. So for example you can not just select a sequence and get the tasks and milestones only from that sequence.

    Another issue is that the dashboard will display the tasks and milestones from all the projects. A way is to manually exclude all the projects which we are not interested. (It seems that it's also a bug as it displays the tasks from excluded projects as well. Ftrack version:


  2. Hi Lucas,

    2 hours ago, Lucas Correia said:

    Do you by chance have configured ftrack to override the default create project behaviour?

    If not, can you check if you see any errors in the browser console and open a support case with any information from the logs? We'll be able to help you more easily there.

    no, we didn't configure Ftrack to override the default create project behavior.

    I will check the browser console and open a support case with more information.



  3. Hi,

    I would like to assign 50 users to a task in Ftrack. I used the ftrack_api to add automatically all the users to the project and assign them to a single task using the code from below.

    import ftrack_api
    session = ftrack_api.Session()
    project = session.query("Project where name is <project_name>").one()
    users = session.query("User where is_active is True").all()
    task = session.query(
            "select assignments.resource_id "
            "from Task "
            "where is '<project_name>' and name is '<task_name>'").one()
    already_assigned = [_['resource_id'] for _ in task['assignments']]
    already_members = [_['resource_id'] for _ in project["allocations"]]
    for user in users:
        if user["id"] not in already_members:
            session.create("Appointment", {
                "context": project, "resource": user, "type": "allocation"
        if user['id'] not in already_assigned:
            session.create('Appointment', {
                'context': task, 'resource': user, 'type': 'assignment'

    When I opened the Ftrack web interface and click to the Assignee column of the task, it displays only 27 users. Once I click outside of the box, it displays as there were changes to the task. If I save the changes, then it removes some users and keeps only 27.

    Is this the normal behaviour, or I am doing something wrong?

    Ftrack version: 4.1.5

    Best, Remus

  4. 3 hours ago, Mattias Lagergren said:

    No updates as of now - as an additional workaround, have you looked into writing a message (note without parent) to the user? This should trigger a notification

    note = session.create('Note', { 'content': 'hey', 'user_id': author_user_id})
    sesssion.create('Recipient', { 'note_id': note['id'], 'resource_id': target_user_id })


    I think this is what exactly we are looking for :) 

    we will give it a try and let you know if works for us

  5. 1 hour ago, Mattias Lagergren said:

    Thanks but I'm afraid I'm not 100% sure I follow this, is it a task or a shot that you would open in the sidebar?

    I understand it as you:

    1. Open an entity (Shot, Sequence?) in the sidebar and look at the versions tab.

    2. From the versions tab you want to only see the latest version per task - so if there are multiple assets you would only see 1, which is the latest.

    This is exactly what our production would like to see.