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  1. This will help a lot. We get a lot of different projects, and sometimes get moved from one to another to help meet deadlines, so a project filter would be great. Thanks!
  2. Aleksander


    We get notifications by email when somehow comment on tasks, but not on task status change. Would be great if the the manager gets notified when a task goes from "in progress" to "pending review" I'm attaching both my accout settings and the ftrack settings
  3. Aleksander


    Hope I don't misunderstand notification system, but it doesn't seem like we get email notifications when we change a tasks status from "in progress" to "pending review".
  4. Is it also possible to get "sort by name" in my task as well? Would make my life easier when I have 20+ tasks in my "in progress" list. Busy days Have a great day
  5. Aleksander

    Task dependency

    I was wondering something about task dependencies. Is it possible to link the "render" task to the "modeling" task so if I move the the time of the modeling task the render task automaticly follows. So if the end date is pushed of back one day, the start date for the render is also pushed back one day, without moving the end date of the shot? Regards, Aleksander
  6. Hi, In "My Task" it would be great to have the option to put in more columns. As per now we have "available task, task not started, task in progress, Task done" We would really like to have a collumn for "Task pending review" so we can have more visual control in "my task". Thanks, Aleksander