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  1. Hello all! Jira is main software for tracking all activity in out company but for VFX dep we need more suitable tracker. Is there any person who tried to create connection between Jira and Ftrack (May be just for time tracking sync)? Is there any chance to collaboration? Cheers!
  2. Yes, I want do it for performance reasons. I will need to get a list of version for all assets in task groped by assets. I did it something like that: import ftrack_api from itertools import groupby session = ftrack_api.Session() entity = session.get('Context', '376a3498-1191-11e8-8917-001e582bf738') assets = session.query( 'select, version from AssetVersion ' 'where task_id is "{0}" and is_not ' 'none order by version desc'.format( entity['id'])).all() res = [{"asset":l, "versions":list(v)} for l,v in groupby( sorted(assets, key=lambda x:x['asset']['name']), lambda x: x['asset']['name'])] But usually I working only with latest ones and rarely with previous. So in that reason I thought that's will be great to get only latest versions and how to get this list in best performance way.
  3. Thanks for you reply! But I mean that I need latest versions for all assets in the task with one query session.
  4. Hi all! This returns me all available version: task = session.get('Context', 'some-id') versions = session.query('AssetVersion where task_id is "{0}"'.format(task['id'])).all() I need to get only the latest versions. Is it possible?
  5. Hi guys! The project is not dead! The last half of the year there was a overloaded at work and there was no time for project. But I plan to continue, so I'm ready for any help.
  6. Hi, WangHuan! HDA support is in my roadmap, thanks for interesting.
  7. Hello, All! I finished Base ftrack-connect-houdini plugin functions. Now Houdini can work with Scene, Geometry, Camera Assets (Publish, Import, Management). Feedback it please! Repository: Help: Release Notes: Video: Thanks!
  8. Thanks guys! This is exactly what I needed!
  9. I use custom location plugins with priority setup and this works fine on application start. But I need ability to publish different components of asset to different location, because I store some huge files on one server (simulation cache, or something like) and smaller projects file on other. Thanks!
  10. Hello! When I use Ftrack Connect I get firs location from list of Managed Location. On start, connect pick last registered location as active and publish all to that location. Is this possible to change active location before publishing? It will be good even if I can disable one location temporary. Thanks!
  11. Hi fancyvfx! The solution still in development. Thanks for your feedback. I think it will be beta version in coupe weeks. Anyway your error is because you don't have handles field(additional frames on start and end) on your shot. I fixed it, and now it's must working. Try download source code again and reinstall. Cheers!
  12. Yes, sure! I'm changed permissions and you can create new fork!
  13. Hi guys, We use Ftrack in studio and love it, but our main package is Houdini. Now we use a very simple integration with Houdini software without assetManagment and I need a standard plugin integration as Maya and Nuke has. I'm not a professional programmer, but have some TD experience with main VFX programs. I start my own Houdini integration as branch of ftrack nuke and maya plugin. For now it has basic functionality and can publish and import limited data, but I'm working on it. Installing and developing simply the same as ftrack team maya and nuke open source packages. It open for everyone and if somebody want to help, please welcome! If Ftrack Team have some throats, or even working prototype, it will be cool to be a part. Repository: Help: P.s. I hope, I don't violate any rights. Thanks!