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  1. I have some scripts with events, and I felt some differences due to starting mode these scripts. For example, when I run from terminal with python '' script is running with a terminal window opened then after any time, script left run correctly. However, if I launch script from a .php with exec("python"); python process is running, and script seems runs right forever. What would be the right way to wake a up a python script?
  2. Timecode as frames by default in Client Review

    Thank you Mattias. I see this option is managed by web-browser cookies. However I would like something like this
  3. Autoplay and timecode format

    I would like to suggest a couple of features for WebPlayer Review/Client Review. Autoplay video When user/customer select clip this control if video/sequence is autoplay. Timecode format Default format for timecode showed in playback bar. Non-dependant the web-browser cookies.
  4. Mass change task status

  5. Mass change task status

    You can do multiple selection of desired tasks, then change its status, (by double-click in any of them pencil icon). If need, also you can set this from Tasks view in spreadsheet, and use filters to take your best selection.
  6. In Client Review session, it would be possible show timecode as frames by default? I'm thinking customize option for this in FTrack settings.
  7. In Client Review session, it would be starting a video stopped or paused?
  8. Date for status changed from client

    Thank you for you reply Mattias! May be I can research about how do this, however I think this is out of my knowledgments :/ In the current report from "Generate report" option, I see a date above on the right. This date is not match with the moment in that I press "generate report" button. What date corresponds?
  9. When a client sets approved or any other status change, it's possible to know in what date/time he has done the status change? Can't I see this under the client review section from Ftrack web interface. Thanks!
  10. Restricting project view to its team members only

    Your welcome! I hope ftrack guys improve this part, making more easy assign/unassign users/groups to project, affecting view/edit permissions. For instance, using the current option Team under each project.
  11. Restricting project view to its team members only

    You can do this by user under System settings > Users and Groups, then edit roles of each user to assign a new rol and which projects to see. I have not see how to do the same for group.
  12. As ftrack user (even with Administrator credentials) , if I go to Client Review > Transfer feedback, and try to reply, new note is not stored. There is normal behavior?
  13. Reorder added filters

    I see the buttons for disable and invert filters. Looks great! I think it would be good a drag and drop to reorder added filters (something like this mockup).
  14. Change the object types

    Look at this Yipeng
  15. Delete job under frozen status.

    Yes, that's my question. If I set a unique with same as in example code, then run only for the last environment var entries. I've using import in import os #ftrack-server-1 os.environ['FTRACK_SERVER'] = '' os.environ['FTRACK_API_KEY'] = 'api-key-1' os.environ['FTRACK_API_USER'] = 'user-1' #ftrack-server-2 os.environ['FTRACK_SERVER'] = '' os.environ['FTRACK_API_KEY'] = 'api-key-2' os.environ['FTRACK_API_USER'] = 'user-2'