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  1. Thank you Mattias for your reply. The sentence on your example also return to me for any shot name 'ambient' value. I think that only evalue up to first match. There is no 'else' inside conditional?
  2. Thank you for you reply Mattias. I hope will be soon! Maybe ready in v3.0?
  3. I want to show Total of images, but filtered by custom attributed. In a Insights widget, only I see filtered by state and status. Exists other widget for this? If not, would be possible edit this widget to customize filtering?
  4. I create a custom attribute called "Photo kind" of type Expression and result Text. I want get three coded characters of Shot Name, and return a specific text value. Example: Shot names contain words "AMB", "DET", or "VAR". Then if name contains "DET", text value will be "detail". For this I use a conditional, but I don't see how to evaluate more of two conditions. Here my current sentence for this, but in any Shot Name always show value "ambient" {func.IF(self.name <= 'AMB', 'ambient', func.IF(self.name<='DET', '', 'detail'))}
  5. Would be nice can typing a simple or short text over image. Thinking in a simple textbox with size-type and position control. If not, a tool with 0-9 numbers to add like "numbered stickers" over image.
  6. The Mill use/used Softimage, and Ftrack. I think they may be developed something conection with SI. Since Softimage EOL from Adsk, I think that many studios would be want set free a lot of in-a-house tools for SI. Never would be die this great and huge software!
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