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  1. Another idea could be use the right panel. I think this UI option is less intrusive with the current design. Question is, which should be the first screen when client joins session? Should have not difficult to find Comments area and navigate between options for the most people, but all we are know the "clients". What do you think about it?
  2. I'm thinking something like this, to avoid dismantle the current Client review interface adding a new frame with folder tree for example. May be also it could navigate from the path-bar to up folder level.
  3. I would like as user create and manage folders in a Client review to organise versions. So as client to see those folders in Client review session. What think about this feature?
  4. Is technically possible share projects between users from two ftrack accounts? We have a partner that recently he has acquired a ftrack account and he wants share with us some projects allocating them in its ftrack account.
  5. In a short term would be possible to implement an option in settings like "allow to download media" but that if checked the end date of each Client Review Session sets automatically the same end date of the project?
  6. Yes. We have a lot of client review sessions per project (do it with clone), but managers in my company don't remember set a long time for first CR session before clone it.
  7. Sounds difficult for me do this. Default date increment seems to be one week since review session create date. There are an easy way to change this value?
  8. I think would be useful can to link end date of Client Review session to end date of project. Then, this session will be available up to the end of project, or when the project status changes to Hidden. By the moment, there are some action to change end date for multipe Client Review sessions? Or it is possible set default duration when create a new Client Review session?
  9. Great! I don't have readed this point inside description.
  10. There is no option to download the image loaded in Review viewer. From webbrowser I can't Save Image, I guess that option don't appear due the viewer framework is designed to load image sequences or movies.
  11. If I add new versions to an existent review session, collaborators into maybe should receive email notification like "hey there are new versions to review in that session". I have to do Send Invites each time I have added a new version to session, to alert clients that already they have link to review session.
  12. From project's Team page would be great! However, what would happen when a new project is created? Would not available to anyone while team members not be added? This could be a possible to prevent project be visible to a Project Manager rol with All Projects permission, I think. My question was only if that way could be a bit more easy to implement.
  13. When a client write a note, it appears in Inbox as new notification, but there is a another place to access to this client note? From its client review session I can see all versions that they have comments, but 'comment icon' ins't link. Notes from internal users it shows on notes section from its task or related task. It is possible configure client notes to show inside notes section too? Thanks! Alberto
  14. I think would be useful to have a list to include/exclude any rol to/from projects. At this moment it can add a rol to 'all projects' or else 'project by project' inclusive. I see too useful the inverse option, 'all projects' except 'these' projects, so news projects created don't need to add manually. Simple implementation for this in the GUI could be a checkbox with 'inverse' option. One more complete GUI concept design could be a two columns lists, one for included projects, the other for excluded projects. And a dropdown menu with two options: "new projects are added by def
  15. In the script mirroring_version_statuses.py (the adaption from your cascade_thumbails.py that you was done) I would like to show a message to user as exit for when any mapped status don't be avaiable in the task for the related version. Jobs listing are located a bit hidden I think. There are some way to show a message from script to an user on web interface?
  16. I meant that the 'alerts popups' like the screenshot attached. This can be used from api to show custom messages?
  17. It's accesible by scripting with new API sending custom message to show it the same way that builtin messages server? I would like can use the frames red-green-blue-yellow to show custom messages from a python listener. It is possible? There are documetation to do this?
  18. Uuuuuhuuu! Now it works! Thanks a lot Mattias! I had tried with an example from old api documentation where used... task.setStatus(statuses[1]) ...and I thinking status id was a simple integer. This is a change between API versions? Only 'New' status don't wanna accept its ID. Can be due is an exclusive version status? In any case, at this time, the script now can changes automatically the task status getting from version status with mapping status. That is useful for me. Great! In the future I would like can refine a bit more the script doing that only gets the
  19. When I change the version status from web interface I obtain the next error message: 'the status is not valid for this object' I use this dict: MapStatuses = { 0: 1, 1: 2 } And try getting status with your line Mattias task['status_id'] = MapStatuses.get(asset_version['status_id'])
  20. Thanks Mattias! I've tested your code for get last version, there is look at all versions status except the first one. I changed 'greater than 0' in the query: later_version = session.query( 'AssetVersion where version is {0} and asset_id is "{1}"'.format( thinking index for last version would be always 0, but not works. Checkbox for 'lastest version' in the web interface gets the last version, so I think its code should be able for my purpose. About building a dictionary for statuses relationship, its a good idea, but I don't know how it added in the code. In
  21. I have done a little modify from cascade_thumbails.py listener created by Mattias Lagergren, to adjust it to get version status and set related task status when it changed. At this point, I find a couple of things to solve it 1. Related task status is getting always from the last changed version status. I would like that only it gets status from the last version. 2. I have some statuses overrides and some statuses availables for versions are different for tasks, so I would like create a relationship table for statutes, to this way when version status be Approved task status be C
  22. Tokejepsen, I launched version_to_task_statuses.py again, this time I've downloaded utils.py, but nothing seems happen. I have replace in your code statuses names filter. 'render complete' to 'Approved' and 'artist review' to 'Completed'. I have running cascade_thumbnails.py event and it works. This is built for new api, and your .py uses old api, but both api's can run at same time, isn't it?
  23. I have been done a scenario storage targeting a local disk (a network shared folder), from web interface. I can publish files via ftrack-connect and they are target to disk configured for project. However I still can't try any event listener, cos I don't see how do it. I have created a folder C:\FTrack\plugins as shared folder in local network, as well I have added this path to the os environment var FTRACK_EVENT_PLUGIN_PATH,though its no neccessary to run an event listener. I want that task status its changed when an user changes the status of any version, but I'm unable t
  24. What is the recommedation to setup, configure and use a local storage Location, ftrack or ftrack_api? I see different docs about it. http://ftrack.rtd.ftrack.com/en/latest/developing/locations/tutorial.html http://ftrack-python-api.rtd.ftrack.com/en/latest/locations/tutorial.html
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