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  1. Thank you for you reply Mattias! May be I can research about how do this, however I think this is out of my knowledgments :/ In the current report from "Generate report" option, I see a date above on the right. This date is not match with the moment in that I press "generate report" button. What date corresponds?
  2. When a client sets approved or any other status change, it's possible to know in what date/time he has done the status change? Can't I see this under the client review section from Ftrack web interface. Thanks!
  3. Your welcome! I hope ftrack guys improve this part, making more easy assign/unassign users/groups to project, affecting view/edit permissions. For instance, using the current option Team under each project.
  4. You can do this by user under System settings > Users and Groups, then edit roles of each user to assign a new rol and which projects to see. I have not see how to do the same for group.
  5. As ftrack user (even with Administrator credentials) , if I go to Client Review > Transfer feedback, and try to reply, new note is not stored. There is normal behavior?
  6. I see the buttons for disable and invert filters. Looks great! I think it would be good a drag and drop to reorder added filters (something like this mockup).
  7. Yes, that's my question. If I set a unique config.py with same as in example code, then run only for the last environment var entries. I've using import config.py in my_script.py import os #ftrack-server-1 os.environ['FTRACK_SERVER'] = 'https://server-1.ftrackapp.com' os.environ['FTRACK_API_KEY'] = 'api-key-1' os.environ['FTRACK_API_USER'] = 'user-1' #ftrack-server-2 os.environ['FTRACK_SERVER'] = 'https://server-2.ftrackapp.com' os.environ['FTRACK_API_KEY'] = 'api-key-2' os.environ['FTRACK_API_USER'] = 'user-2'
  8. I've updated environment variables for new API in my conf files. However, can't achieve this script (others too) works for multiple ftrack servers at same time. It would be possible set up environment vars listening multiple servers?
  9. Thank you Lucas! One question more... How I could to use multiple session configurations for the same mark_stalled_jobs_as_failed.py? I've tried with two external confs and alternating both as import config.py but I have problems with credentials using config2.py. There is another way to do this? I mean, can execute this script for two different ftrack-servers (at same time or not). config1.py import os os.environ['FTRACK_SERVER'] = 'ftrack-server-1' os.environ['FTRACK_APIKEY'] = 'api-key-1' os.environ['LOGNAME'] = 'user-1' config2.py import os os.en
  10. I see in documentation the example for create job with session.create() session.delete() for delete? http://ftrack-python-api.rtd.ftrack.com/en/stable/example/job.html
  11. Sometimes any job is frozen in running status. There is possible manage (delete) jobs from the client side? Maybe using api?
  12. Will be possible testing Cezanne viewer for FTrack users? Maybe open beta or something? What requisites will have to use with FTrack?
  13. As you can see below in the image, many times the height of the status buttons for any column, is changed automatically (it seems fit height with row height) when I change de status. This happen after close dropdown box. I experimented this issue in both Chrome and Firefox browsers. Is a minor issue, but I always have to reset its display going to Settings > Row Height
  14. I think that in Folder > Query (also shoud be run under Advanced filter "All" Folder > Query) object_type.name is "Folder"
  15. I had a little mistake choosing Query to apply filter. We use a custom type (image) instead shot. Now it works! Thank you Mattias!
  16. Using OR instead AND, same results for me. No concidence returns. It seems rare cos I use the same sentence in your example (replacing only names). I tried with status.name from only one word, like "Approved" or "Rendering" avoiding possible unmatched words like "Not started", "not_started". Too I'm triying with lowercase. Your attached screenshot looks it that I want, but looking as task > query
  17. Oops, sorry, I forget link to open original image. I've edited previous post.
  18. I tried as Shot/query instead Task/query but same results
  19. Thanks Mattias! Don't return me results when I use: children any (type.name is "Preview" and status.name is "Client approved") and children any (type.name is "Render" and status.name is "Not started") However when I use one of both conditions separatelly, it runs ok type.name is "Preview" and status.name is "Client approved" or type.name is "Render" and status.name is "Not started"
  20. Thanks fo your reply Mattias I've checked on Advance filters in Advance settings, but in spreadsheed can't see how to add a query api filter. In the "gear" icon for filters, when I hit down in Advance filter option, then pop up window appears with "All" or "Any" dropdown menus for conditions.
  21. I'd like to filter by two conditions over status for two tasks. Something like this. Show me all where task1.status is Client Approved and where task2.status is Not Started I've seen Advanced Filters but I don't see how to do this. It's possible to do this from anyway? Thank you!
  22. It's a pity Anyway, would be possible get client review list from ftrack api? Something like: client-review.name, session.link
  23. Is the link of a client review session callable from a expression? In the same way that built-in attributes can get with self.name, self.status, etc. I have created a text type custom attribute added to asset version and I would get the client review link for that version belong to. Thanks Alberto
  24. Great! Yes, me too want to hear others users about it. In our particular case, this request born from our way of structure for Client Reviews. We create one ClientReview session per Image or Shot, then client can see only versions for each image in each session. It is more clear for us that one Client Review session with a lot of images and its versions, all them in the bottom area. But this have the cons the huge list of Client Reviews, so a lot the emails to the clients. So this would be my purpose to organise versions from multiple shots in one Client Review sessio
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