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  1. Hi everyone, Is it possible to filter the projects when a user creates a new event in the Resource plan? Unfortunately all the projects are displayed in the list even if they are hidden. Thanks, Laura
  2. Hi guys, any news regarding this topic? In ftrack_api-0.15.0 (part of ftrack-connect-0.7.6) is still not possible to query custom attributes stored as expressions. Thank you! Best, Laura
  3. Hi Lorenzo, Thanks for your reply. We are using the legacy api for defining locations and I've sent them per email. Best, Laura
  4. Hi everyone, We have an issue trying to publish assets with maya2017 batch using ftrack-connect-0.7.6 & custom location (it worked with ftrack-connect-0.7.5). We started to dig and we noticed that the plugin is not selecting the custom location for publishing, even if it has the highest priority. Also, it's very strange that it works in maya for the same location. We printed out some information when location is selected by publisher (ftrack_connect/connector/base.py - pickLocation() method): We noticed that candidateLocation.accessor is not symbol.NOT
  5. Thank you Lucas! Regards, Laura
  6. Hi Lucas, Many thanks for the example. It's exactly what we need! Where can we find the list with all entities that can be queried with the new API? Regards, Laura
  7. Hi everyone, is it possible to query ftrack db for calendar events? For eg, we would like to check if an user is booked on a specific project on a given period. Thank you!
  8. Hi Lucas, it works with resetting the session, thank you. Regards, Laura
  9. Hi Lucas, thanks for sharing it. During the tests I face some issues: if the custom attribute REQUIRE_COMMENTS_ATTRIBUTE changes on the task while the event is running, the event still uses the initial value. How can we fix it? I have the same issue if I would like to query the project period for eg. I use ftrack-python-api-1.0.1 and ftrack-api-3.3.34. Regards, Laura
  10. Hi everyone! Is it somehow possible to add custom attributes to timelogs (via API or UI)? Thanks. Laura
  11. Hi Martin, already tried and I get Traceback (most recent call last): File "<string>", line 1, in <module> File "<FtrackPythonApiPath>\ftrack.py", line 20, in <module> from FTrackCore import * File "<FtrackPythonApiPath>\FTrackCore\__init__.py", line 8, in <module> from .api.client import * File "<FtrackPythonApiPath>\FTrackCore\api\client.py", line 22, in <module> from group import Group, getGroupsImportError: No module named groupThat's why I added the location for "group" module: <FtrackPythonApiPath>\FTrackCore\api. Lau
  12. Hi Mattias, Thanks for your answer. I am testing it in a very simple way, in Visual Studio 13, interactive windows: Python 64-bit 2.7: it works IronPython 2.7: I get : >>> import sys>>> sys.path.insert(0,<FtrackPythonApiPath>)>>> sys.path.insert(0,<FtrackPythonApiPath>\FTrackCore)>>> sys.path.insert(0,<FtrackPythonApiPath>\api)>>> import ftrackTraceback (most recent call last): File "<string>", line 1, in <module> File "<FtrackPythonApiPath>\ftrack.py", line 20, in <module> from FTrackCore imp
  13. Thanks Mattias!
  14. Hi! Is it possible to get the jobs created by 'Export' functions? With getJobs() method I could get only jobs created by our custom actions. Thanks, Laura
  15. Hi guys, I need to use ftrack in VisualStudio 2012. Unfortunately, I always get "Attempted relative import in non-package" when trying to import ftrack. With SetSearchPaths() I set the path to python-api location as "......../python-api/". Is there anything else I need to define in order to import ftrack? thank you, Laura
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