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  1. Hello, I am looking at the existing project structures (Classic and Connect) and have not been able to identify what data type the call (getResourceIdentifier) expects. The docs mention an entity, but I am guessing this is a foregone concept, and there are no examples of implementation in the code base. I have attempted to pass both FTrackObject inherited types (Task, Shot, etc) as well as the serialized versions (json dicts) of the data being returned by the server, but neither work. Thanks, r
  2. So... How do you guys conceptualize building directories for Asset or Shot Tasks? This path looks like a top-level asset publish directory, but doesn't seem to contain any notion of Task. Is there a way, in the API, to query what Tasks live on an Entity and to factor them into directory creation? At present, this path would leave different departments writing over each other, or would encode the Task (Modelling, Animation, etc) into the asset name, but I have been unable to find a way to search 'task' objects for the Tasks which have been assigned beneath them. r
  3. Is there a way to access the storage entity for a project via the api? I would like to build a path to a disk location and will need the root folder. r
  4. Awesome, although it looks like one of the local Administrators has modified it and it will have to be reset. Please let me know if the path you listed requires any modifications to be run. Is there a lucidity template (within the API) that I can use to build paths against it? r
  5. Thanks Mattias, this is exactly what I was looking for. r
  6. The Shots are registered now, and are returning correct types from the 'task' objects being returned by the handler. I should mention though that, it was the user account that started the event watcher process which Ftrack expected to find in it's user list: In our case, the Windows login and the Ftrack user name were different, and it was causing problems. Thanks, r
  7. I'd like to be able to create Shots on an Episode without having to create a Sequence, similar to the way that you can add a Shot directly to a Project. If this is already possible, please let me know, r
  8. We did a cleanup on our test project and the problem went away. I'm not sure how, but I believe we must have created Shots without registering them properly. Pardon me, r
  9. By the way... Did you try running this script? Have you tried selecting a Shot or a Task below a shot and running the command? I am getting errors with the following code: (create_folders_action.py: line 86) if selectedItem['entityType'] == 'task': entity = ftrack.Task(selectedItem['entityId']) The traceback error reports the following: FtrackError: Object with id: *tag* and type: task was not found Have I created Shots or Tasks wrong under Ftrack? Or linked them in a strange way? I am able to instantiate Task objects using the id returned by Projects, Assets, and Asset Tasks... But th
  10. By ensuring the login account matches the ftrack login I am able to run actions. Thanks, r
  11. The example creates directories for Shots, and I'm sure I can modify it to create AssetBuild directories (etc) as well, thanks. What I was hoping for was more of a list of what functionality exists for each of Maya, Nuke, and Hiero, as I have watched the videos and am looking to be able to define what requires 'configuring' and what requires building. Thanks, r
  12. That is not what is happening for me. Is there a page where I can view all of the userIds or do I need to do that from the API? We are working in a system where the user logins do not match the user names in FTrack and it is causing Actions to fail with an 'Unvalid or inactive user' message. r
  13. Pardon me for bumping this, but can I have the documentation for the 'predefined directory structures' that are being defined and where? Thanks, r
  14. That was it. The login name which started the event handler process is different than 'any' existing accounts in the Ftrack server and it was breaking any sub-processes which it was trying to run. I assume that this means any Action called from the web server will mask the user id in favour of the account managing the handler process, and I would request it be changed to the account which pressed the button. r
  15. It looks as if it is trying to use my user login name to try and run the command, and that user does not exist in Ftrack (as it has been set to another syntax). I have not been able to find any locations where that has been set, and can only assume that the Action is being called as the windows users attached to the process, rather than as the user logged into the Ftrack web interface. Please advise. r
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